Tangy or Glazed Almond

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  1. I have yet to see either one of these in person and the pics seem to give a false impression. Being a TX Longhorn, I would like the one that is closest to burnt orange. Can someone who has seen them both help me pick my new obsession? Thanks:tup:
  2. I have a Tangerine MAB and a Glazed Almond Matinee. The tangerine is closest to a burnt orange, the glazed almond is a tan-ish color. If you're looking for orange, then go for the Tangerine!
  3. If you want more of a burnt orange, i think the Almond is a better color. But to be honest, i love my tangerine the most! You should get the tangerine! it looks great out there in the sun!
  4. ^^^ Really? I don't think the Glazed Almond looks orange at all?
  5. ^^I'm going by the pics i've seen of the almond basketweave. Compared to the brown basketweave it does look orangey. But i don't have the bag to say IRL....

    But one thing is for sure... we both agree that she should get the tangerine!
  6. Get the Tangerine! I'm biased perhaps because I have one... but I absolutely love it and I'd say it looks like a burnt orange color!
  7. I have the same dilemma, and here's how I solved it. I'm getting both! :smile:

    From my very limited (online only) experience it seems that bags like MAM and MAB pop especially well in bright colors. So I'm scheming after a tangy MAM and gonna get the glazed almond in the MAT.

    Which bags are you thinking of?
  8. :yahoo:
    I am now convinced on the Tangerine color. (thanks Ladies) It is just a matter of finding one now. I think that I would love a tangy MAM. I am on the waiting list at LB and am hoping that they still will honor a discount code of some kind when they get in. I would love not to have to wait until 5/31 to get one shipped. If you hear of any around that are a good deal, please share!! I am dying to join the tangy club
  9. Yes! Tangy :yahoo:
  10. I vote for almond!