TangoTosca's Scarf Circus

  1. Toutankhamon, continued...

    Tut 1.jpg

    Tut 5.jpg Tut 3.jpg

    Tut 2.jpg
  2. Congrats, Tango, actually both are nice! I am not a fan for the king tut one, but after folding, the corners are pretty! Love the knots you did for Maharajas!
  3. It is a treat to see your knotting skills shown on Parure des Maharajas!
    I agree with you about King Tut. It is interesting to look at as flat, but has not much to give folded.
    TangoTosca, I think we are lucky to have you as a tPFer! A rainy day one can always go to your thread. Looking at all pictures will brighten up the day and the mood! Thank you for doing this!
  4. Hi TT,

    Iam a big fan of your thread since last week and I was surprised when I just found that you are an ESL teacher on page 41. As a former international student who went to the US 10 years ago I can't thank my ESL teachers enough. They are really deserve more recognitionfor their patience,dedication and perseverance on teaching us. Come to think of it, I realized your thread has a familiar voices in it. Clear ideas, thoroughly explained with vivid sentences and enjoyable to read. Exactly what my ESL teachers had taught me. Iam glad I discovered your thread. :tup:
    I love your Escales Med and RO scarf in Lilac and Iam thinking to get one for myself. Could you kindly advice me which one is look better for a headscarf? the bandana style that you tie on the back of your head? It is a little bit difficult to imagine that.
    Thank you so much for your help.
  5. I like King Tut. I think the pale aqua color looks cool and refreshing, just the thing to wear in sunny, hot Egypt!
  6. Dear Splurgetothemax,

    What a lovely message. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart :heart: Teaching English has been one of the most interesting, satisfying, frustrating, and enlightening experiences I've ever had. I love that it teaches me to examine more critically and appreciate more fully my own language and culture, while giving me the opportunity to have a glimpse of insight into other languages, peoples, and cultures.

    My previous tutoring session all of my students were from the Middle East. I was surprised; this being Texas, my expectation would be that they would be mostly from Latin America. But no, I had three ladies from Iran, a Syrian man, and a Yazidi man from Iraq who I swear was the very image of Dustin Hoffman circa The Graduate in 1967. He was super cute and sweet :giggles:

    They tried to teach me a few words of Arabic, but it didn't stick very well. I'm beginning to wonder if the human brain only has so much "hard drive" space when it comes to languages. I'm manageable in Spanish and with a little review I can make due in Dutch, but Arabic or Farsi would require more brain-power than I have to expend at the moment! LOL

    But thank you again so much, you absolutely made my day! :smooch:

    Now let me see if I can address your question....
  7. I've never worn a headscarf before, so I don't know how well an Hermes scarf would "behave" on a daily basis, but I did my best approximation of one to give you a sense of what it could look like.

    The first picture is without flash, and the following two are with flash.

    Escales Mediterraneenes

    Med headscarf 1.jpg Med headscarf 2.jpg Med headscarf 3.jpg
  8. and Rencontre Oceane.

    My honest opinion? I'd go with RO. I love how the purple coral spirals are centered exactly on my forehead. It's a neat effect. I also like how this scarf is a bit more monochromatic than Escales Med. The two lilac shades are very similar, but not exact. RO is lighter, and I consider it one of the neutrals of my closet in a way I would not Escales Med.

    I hope this helps you. Thanks again so much for your sweet note :flowers:

    Rencontre headscarf 1.jpg Rencontre headscarf 2.jpg Rencontre headscarf 3.jpg
  9. Dear TT,

    No kidding learning Arabic is difficult. Though I am living Jordan,I am actually Indonesian. My husband is an Indonesian diplomat who got posted here,so here I am unable to speak any Arabic in an Arab country. I am trying to speak it though,just enough to get by. Good thing,most people here speak English.:woohoo:
    I really wish my teachers were as stylish as you. That would be a real treat for the students.:smile: . I love your LV Blanc Corail. It's worth it.

    I agree with you that RO is better for this style. EM has too much space between the circles. You can't really "read" the story of EM when it is tied. RO is more sophisticated and "fuller". This is one of the design that looks great in any style. You look lovely with RO,lilac is really your color.

    I bought my first H scarf in San Francisco boutique in 2004. Huaca Piru II in orange c/w. I wasn't knowledgable about H scarf so I chose unpopular design and came home with unsatisfied feeling. It has been sitting in my drawer for years and when I came across your thread I just felt the urge to make the scarf works. I played with it and it wasn't as bad as the first time I bought it. I have grown to like it. Thank you so much for your help!
  10. Funnily enough one of my students from this tutoring session is a Venezuelan woman who shares my love of Talbots. She came to class one day wearing "my" flame cropped jeans along with "my" navy blue cardigan! She also carries LV, but for my money, that monogram vernis Alma is the most beautiful thing Louis Vuitton has ever produced. I adore mine.

    I've been thinking more about your headscarf challenge. While Rencontre Oceane did make a beautiful option, the design is several years old (2001) and can go for a substantial amount of money in the secondary market.

    I spent some time on h.com USA, looking at the current offering of scarves, things that you could acquire more readily than stalking eBay for months, waiting for a reasonably priced Rencontre Oceane to swim to the surface :giggles:

    I think SS12's Géométrie Crétoise would make a beautiful and versatile headscarf because it will look different depending on which angle you fold it on. I did an analysis of GC's symmetry here in my discussion of the Beloved India shawl. I also think that this season's Astrologie Nouvelle would make a striking headscarf as well. Both designs came in some wonderful colorways.

    Geometrie Cretoise 07.jpg Astrologie Nouvelle 03.jpg

    The only one from FW12 that I can test drive for you is Parures des Maharajas in the black colorway 17. I think that the soft pink or blue would also be lovely.

    PdesM headscarf 1.jpg PdesM headscarf 2.jpg PdesM headscarf 3.jpg
  11. Dear TT,

    Undoubtly, your sense of fashion has inspired many of your students out there including me. I saw that you got H garden bag in red which I am also coveting. I wish i have your closet and your scarf knotting skills :biggrin:.

    Honestly,i have been thinking about your advice and yes the price of RO is way above the retail. At some point you could get 2 scarves for 1 RO price. But is rare and highly in demand. Somehow it makes RO more desirable than other designs. :p

    Then again, although RO makes a beautiful headscarf, is it too much fish are swimming on my head? Is it sophisticated enough if i want to wear it for a formal party? These questions have been tickled me since i saw your pictures. You definitely look great wearing it as a neckscarf, but a headscarf ?
    I checked H web and PdM in pink c/w might be better. I like black c/w like yours but black is too harsh against my face skin tone. I tend to wear soft color such as lilac or pink.

    It reminded me that if iam not mistaken you have a scarf with similar design as PdM. It is the drawing of jewelries but not as "full" as Pdm. Would you kindly let me know what is the name of the scarf? thank you in advance.
  12. Hello, Tango Tosca, it was a great pleasure to read through your thread. I enjoyed tremendously my last hour reading and learning about the designs and ideas that you are so generously sharing with us! I will certainly come back to your wonderful thread to enjoy again your stories and great photographs.
  13. Greetings, TT!
    I'm mostly a lurker, but an appreciative one. I wanted to suggest via your thread that Splurgetothemax check out the reseller Bonanza. There's a slightly flawed lilac RO on the site that might be of interest.
  14. Martinibeach - thank you so much! I'm glad you've enjoyed it, and I hope it's given you a few ideas. It is an endless source of entertainment and amusement for me, playing with my scarves.

    Azalie - Thank you so much for the tip. If not Ms. Splurgetothemax, then I hope some other scarfie out there can give it a deserving home. Every time I wear mine I'm reminded of how much I like it. Thanks for dropping by and saying Hi!"