TangoTosca's Scarf Circus

  1. Ok TT I may be in love with cw04 (here from the German site):


    If you would like to "kaufen" up the 860,000 Hey, that will be enough for Christmas and my birthday.. (wonder what "kaufen" means for real...)
  2. Thank you so much for featuring the Geometrie Cretoise GM shawl Tango Tosca! This underrated beauty has been my favorite from the Spring/Summer 2012 season. I have #8, and I have my eye on one or two more colorways.
  3. Jahna- "kaufen"means to buy and the price is Euro 860.00 - the comma takes the place of the period hence $ 860.00 = € 860,00 :biggrin:
    TT - this is a beautiful scarf! Congrats!
  4. :roflmfao: Despite Maedi's linguistic enlightenment, I'm staying with your interpretation.

    A shawl is a bar too high - so I'm revelling in everyone else's forays into the Big Stuff (mousselines, cashmere GMs and don't even mention b*a*g*s) ;).
  5. Thank you all so much!! :flowers:

    Ladybaga - these are your kind of colors. Bright, bold, and happy! It's a "cheer-you-upper" around your neck!

    pond23 - I wonder if Geometrie Cretoise is going to be the "sleeper" hit of SS2012? But I have to admit I prefer the design in the larger format than the 90cm.

    Heatherlite - You are most welcome! I'm glad it helps. I'm very happy with mine, and I think you will be too.

    Jahna - That's a beautiful cw of GC. I especially love the raspberry accents throughout. If that had been available at the store when I was shopping, it might have come home with me instead. And "kaufen up???" Excellent pun, LOL :roflmfao:

    Thank you, Maedi, for setting the record straight. I once read a book about the adventures of a British expat living in The Netherlands and there was a chapter entitled, "Copin' with Kopen." I still get the giggles when I think about it.

    Pussywillow - One day your shawl will come! I've seen some reasonable prices with resellers on occasion. I have a hard time justifying the purchase because it's so hot and humid here 98% of the time (last night was particularly gross, time to return the to perpetual "drowned rat" look) but as cold as the winters have been across the pond, you'll get much better use out them than I ever will. BTW, you looked incredible with yout two blue scarves worn together. You should explore that look more often. Very beautiful.
  6. My involvement with tPF has allowed me the privilege to meet so many other talented, interesting, and lovely scarf lovers. Last autumn I passed a wonderful afternoon in the company of VnSoie, BalLVLover, ladybaga, and lala28.

    Recently I spent a few days with Jahna and her DH at their lovely home on the Atlantic seaboard, in time to participate in a workshop of sorts for scarves at the yacht club of which she is a member. Jahna gave a small presentation of the history of Hermes and how scarves are produced, and I gave a brief demonstration of some of my favorite ways to tie a scarf.

    It was so neat to look out into an audience of 60 women and see that more than half were wearing their favorite Hermes scarf or shawl. The ladies were so enthusiastic about their scarves, and everyone (including yours truly) is always interested in new ways to wear them. For me, it was such a thrill seeing scarves I've longed to see in real life. I even talked one poor woman into taking off her scarf (Fleurs de Lotus in the blue/green cw) so I could try it on!

    Later in the week, Jahna and I met up with Tanker Toad and etoupebirkin for a bit of lunch and shopping at Hermes. Thank you so much, ladies, for an excellent afternoon!

    tPF DC edit.jpg
    TangoTosca, Jahna, etoupebirkin, Tanker Toad
  7. After our lunch, we went a-scarfing... and I did not leave empty-handed. (You're shocked. I know.)

    When I was in Amsterdam last May, I tried on this scarf in the light pink/brown cw. The exchange rate was so dreadful at that time that I reluctantly decided to leave it behind. I've never been able to get it out of my mind however, and when I spotted it again this weekend, this time in a neutral colorway, I knew it was now or never.

    Le Reve de Gloria, from 2009, was designed by Aborigines artist Gloria Petyarre. There have been two other Australia-themed scarves, Le Geographe by Sandra Laroche and Reve d'Australie by Zoe Pauwels, but Ms. Petyarre is the first Australian artist to be commissioned by Hermes.

    Reve de Gloria.jpg Reve de Gloria folded.jpg

    This commission came about as a result of Lauraine Diggins Fine Art from Melbourne exhibiting Gloria's work at ArtParis in 2006, where she caught the eye of artistic director of Hermes, Pierre Alexis Dumas.

    Gloria is perhaps our most exhibited, travelled and diverse living Indigenous artist. Her works have been acquired by major public institutions and countless private collections both within Australia and internationally. She is regarded as being an integral part of the history of painting in Utopia; an artist whose originality and diversity exemplifies the evolution, particularly of women's art, from the eastern region of Central Australia.

    Gloria's Bush Medicine Leaf Dreaming is perhaps her most successful stylistic development. Through the use of abstraction and repetition, she paints a multiplicity of bush leaves collected by women, creating a design with a dynamic sense of swirling movement. In the Desert, the leaves are boiled to extract resin, which is then mixed with kangaroo fat to create a healing paste used for skin complaints.

    (Source: Aboriginal Art News website. http://www.aboriginalartnews.com.au/2009/05/gloria-goes-to-paris.php)

    It's very challenging to correctly capture color, but the background is pure white. What I find incredible about the artwork on this scarf is that if you stare long enough at it, the image appears to move. And the detail of the brush strokes? Genius.

    Reve de Gloria detail.JPG

    Gloria Petyarre.jpg artwork_images_423916982_624729_gloria-petyarre.jpg
    Bush Medicine Leaves, Photo credit, Savah Gallery
  8. Reve de Gloria, continued...

    Gloria 1.jpg Gloria 4.jpg

    Gloria 3.jpg Gloria 2.jpg
  9. Watch out, Mr. Butterfly!


    Be careful, Mrs. Frisby!


    BEWARE of the CAT


    You guessed it! I managed to "pounce" on Cave Felem!! Designed in 1998 by one of my favorite artists, Christine Henry, Cave Felem quickly achieved grail status among scarf collectors. I count myself extraordinarily lucky to have this one come into my collection.

    Cave Felem.jpg Cave Felem folded.JPG
  10. Cave Felem, continued...

    Somehow the colors remind me of the boldness of the 70s - look at this still from the 1974 episode, "Interjections!," from the 70s era Schoolhouse Rock educational TV series (WOW, LOL!! I like this girl... she shares my demented enthusiasm for ordinary things)


    Of course, this scarf is a no-brainer when it comes to blue but I really like that it's a great match for the KDT.

    CF 1.jpg

    CF 3.jpg

    CF 6.jpg
  11. Cave Felem, concluded...

    CF 2.jpg CF 4.jpg CF 5.jpg

  12. I love your new Cave Felem on you, you wear those colors so well.
  13. TangoTosca, these are both absolutely gorgeous on you :love:

    Great eyecandy at lunch too

    Thanks for the background on Reve de Gloria - I was not familiar with that scarf at all, but it looks like next time I'm in scenic Tysons Corner I should go browse the scarf drawer more carefully!
  14. Oh, did I make a fool out of myself with that linguistic explanation? I remember translating a will once (the amount was in Euro and the will from a European country) and the recipients were disappointed since they thought they would inherit more ;)

    TT - Gloria is indeed mesmerizing! I got lost looking at the design and the colors and the history is fabulous. This is a design I would have never thought of for myself but now I am intrigued and see it with such appreciation. Cave Felem is also a favorite of mine - they always sell for big money on the bay. Yours has the most wonderful and expressive colors - I have seen the light blue and the black but never this one. Congratulations! And your delightful lunch - I am sure you had a blast. What a neat idea to give a presentation of H and how to wear the scarves and none better than you and Jahna to do this!