TangoTosca's Scarf Circus

  1. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Children of all ages! Step right up and enjoy TangoTosca's Circus of the Scarves!

    I have been a long-time lurker and now recent poster to the Scarf of the Day thread. All the wonderful ladies over there have been so complimentary about my scarf collection, I thought I would start my own thread to display them, especially since some of these are "Grail Scarves" and others are seldom seen on the Purse Forum.

    I considered making a scarf game out of it, but perhaps that will come later down the road :P

    So in the same spirit as VickyB's incredible Scarf Profiles, may I present:

    De Passage a Tokyo
    Hermes en Voyage
    Faites vos Jeux
    Belles du Mexique
    Beloved India
    Jonques et Sampans
    Hola Flamenca
    Carre Kantha
    Chasse en Inde
    Chevaux de France
    Le Monde est Vast
    Les Clefs
    Retour a la Terre
    Les Triples
    Grand Apparat
    Escales Mediterrannes
    Fantasie Pittoresque
    Grands Fonds
    Soies Volantes
    Lumieres de Paris
    Peuple du vent
    Chasse en Inde
    Alphabet Russe
    Hola Flamenca
    Pelages et Camoflage
    Hommage a Mozart
    La Femme aux Semelles de Vent
    Brides Rebelles
    Tout en Carre

    Kaleidoscope.JPG Part 1.JPG

    Part 2.JPG Part 3.JPG

    Pounds of silk.JPG
  2. Wow please display a few, fully extended darling your collection looks beyond Perfect !!!!
  3. [​IMG]



  4. Continuing, I've grouped them by color family, and displayed the smaller scarves and accessories.

    In this picture:

    Please Check In in aqua and black
    Clan Equestre
    Printemps Ete '69

    Brides de Gala twillys in hot pink and bright blue
    Chaines et Gourmettes twilly
    Tohu Bohu twilly

    Scarf rings:

    Chain d'ancre in platinum
    Chain d'ancre in horn
    Bolduc in gold platinum
    Romance belt

    Not pictured:
    Beloved India shawl
    De Passage a Moscou plisse


    The Lights

    Light colors.JPG

    The Neutrals


    The Black/Whites

    Black White (2).JPG
  5. [​IMG]

    which is your favorite?
  6. More color family shots, individual scarf profiles to begin soon!

    The Blues/Greens


    The Purples


    The Pinks


    The Orange/Reds


    The scarves that defy color categorization

  7. amazing! So many bright and beautiful colors!
  8. Holy wonderful! What a treasure! Thank you for sharing!
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    Thank you HannahSophia, birkel, EmilyL, and Greentea for such an immediate response! Thanks for being here.

    Which one is my favorite? I like different scarves for different reasons, and they all seem to have their own distinct personality, and which clothes they will and will not play nicely with :biggrin:

    I do believe my current favorite is my black Hommage a Mozart. Like many others on this thread I love music, especially opera (see my avatar!), so the subject matter of the scarf speaks to me and the colors are just beautiful.

    Don't worry, every scarf will get it's own little profile including folded, tied, and, ummm... full-frontal shots :amuse:

    I will admit that some of these pictures have already appeared in the SOTD thread, but I hope you all won't mind seeing again for a second time.
  10. omg i die. love love it
  11. Wow that's an amazing collection you have! Thank you for sharing it with us.
    And thank you hannahsophia for enlarging the pics for us.
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    Well, I suppose it would only be fair if we started off with my current favorite :heart:

    Today's first performer is Hommage a Mozart, designed by Julie Abadie in 1991 to mark the 200th anniversary of the great composers death. After all, what's a circus without some excellent music to pep up the action??

    I love this unbelievably beautiful coloway, it is much more dramatic and striking than the light blue cw more commonly seen.

    I know it was only released once, but if anyone has any further information about it, such as if it was strictly a limited edition, I'd love to learn more about it.

    Mozart folded 1.JPG Mozart folded 2.JPG Mozart 2.JPG
  13. Here are a few detail shots of Hommage a Mozart

    Mozart detail 1.JPG Mozart detail 2.JPG

    Mozart detail 3.JPG Mozart detail 4.JPG
  14. gorgeous tango! thank you for showing us your collection! i look forward to seeing more!
  15. Lovely collection, TangoTosca! thank you so much for sharing!