Tango or Salsa?

  1. I'm talking LV here, not dancing.

    I'd like to get a bag that I can wear across my body, which one is better?

    I'd use it for the zoo and shopping with the kids.
  2. I'm not really loving the shape of the Salsa, I think the basic Musette is a better version of it. I vote for the Musette Tango - it's sophistacated and would still work for your needs.

    Either way - they're both amazing bags.
  3. Both the Tango and Salsa are available with the long shoulder strap that can easily be worn across the body. The Salsa is a bit bigger than the Tango. Either choice is fine.
  4. I like the salsa better. I think it looks better as a messenger type bag.
  5. Tango. I have it with the long strap and use it when I go on vacation. It is great~
  6. I like musette tango since I can put in my PTI wallet in easiy. With Salsa, my wallet would need be put in vetically and I didn't like that. But that is just my personal preference.
  7. I like the shape of the tango better!:p
  8. I like the tango.
  9. Is the rift too small? I hate to give you something else to think about, but it really is a great bag. I have it in damier and I really love it. Perfect because it is worn across the body, so it is hands-free.
  10. my vote is for the tango
  11. I have the Salsa in Damier and I love it. I use it whenever I want to be hands-free. Whichever one you choose, get the long strap.
  12. I went to the boutique to buy one of these myself and ended up getting the mono pochette with the long mono strap to wear cross body. It was cheaper and I find the pochette can hold quite a bit. but if you are looking for a bigger crossbody bag, I think the salsa is a cuter shape.
  13. tango!!! mine is damier with long strap....but very practical and comfortable! i love the shape!!!!:p :heart:
  14. I like the tango with the short strap, but the salsa with the long strap!
  15. i have the salsa with the long strap and i love it!