Tangerine vs. Black Basketweave- Help?!

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  1. Ok, I can only get one bag so I need some help deciding. Which would you get and why? To help, my current bag collection is as follows:

    RM matinee in blue/grey
    RM MAM in Ruby
    Tano Sexbomb in Pool
    Black Balenciaga Work
    Botkier Trigger Turbo in Gold
  2. It looks like you have a good balance of colors with plenty of bold and black colors. I would suggest ordering both to see them IRL before deciding. You can always return one of them. People have complained about the tangerine leather not being as smooshy as they expected. So you really need to see it and touch it before you can decide.
  3. That's a really hard choice! I'd probably pick the orange though because the gold hw looks so nice against the orange. I usually don't like gold hw, but I think this is one of the most perfect orange bags I've seen. There's so many different blacks so I think orange is more unique even though I really like the basketweave.
  4. I ordered the tanger MAM at label 360 for $348.00 i can't wait to get it. it's spring/summer get a little color!
  5. I am leaning towards the tangerine because it is a different color, but I also love the basketweave detail....unfortunately, I can't order both and return 1 because dh would have a fit if both arrived, even if one was going to be returned.
  6. Hmmm...black basketweave is hard to find, isn't it? Tangerine is new and should be around for a little while. Given the chance, I'd jump on the basketweave first.
  7. I would go with the Tangerine. It would keep your great balance of different colors - and you've already got a black Balenciaga!
  8. This is what makes it so hard. Of course, I am also worried that by the time I can afford to splurge again, tangerine will be impossible to find......
  9. Go with Tangerine... You've got your Balenciaga as a classic black bag.
  10. I have the black basketweave MAM and I also ordered the MAM Tangerine but I returned the Tangerine. I feel the black basketweave MAM is a great classic and not your average black bag not to mention the super soft smooshy leather on it. Hence, my vote would be black basketweave MAM.
  11. I personally don't like the tangerine--I've never been an orange color lover--so I'd go for the MAM in black. Who cares if you have a black work, I have a black city and IMO they're completely different! Bal is very rocker-chic and RM is classic chic and more sturdy and structured. GL!

  12. not tryna start any drama here in the PF but woman! lol, u just urged me to not settle for the MA in black w/ basketweave on funkylala and here i read ur urging ms. tangerine vs. black bw to get the black one..?? me...confused? indeed i am. :confused1:
  13. basketweave gets my vote :girlsigh:
  14. yes indeedy :yes: join my club: "addicted to weave" rofl...sounds like "addicted to weed!"

  15. ...she said "which one would you get and why? And I told her what I would get, and WHY I felt that way. She never said she liked the orange better (and if she did, I'm sorry I guess I must have missed that) but in YOUR post, madbrinks YOU said that YOU wanted the black more, but that it was expensive, so should YOU SETTLE for the rosegold, or WAIT for a deal and get the black. And in MY opinion, I told you that I don't think you should EVER settle for something, I told you I think you should wait for a deal on the black one, or splurge and get the black because you like it more.

    Did I clear up your confusion?