Tangerine question

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  1. I have not seen a tangerine bag irl. Can anyone tell me if the color is bright or soft? Thanks.
  2. I recall reading it was fairly bright. Whatcha looking at?
  3. It's bright.
  4. I saw a lot of Tangerine yesterday in SF. It is very bright.
  5. #5 Mar 17, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2014
    I am thinking of a medium (my usual size) veneta. I still want a cervo but in gray or another neutral color, as that is a large bag to me and since I recently sold my gray Sloane (too big for what little I carry) I am trying to think things out before purchasing. I am thinking that since I have begun wearing a lot of navy blues and fuchsias (not at the same time), that orange might make a good accent color. I need bright colored tops as I am pale and otherwise look like I should be embalmed. Because I do wear brights on top, I usually go for a neutral bag to balance things out. However, since I am now into my 10th month of retirement, I have decided that I need to step out of my comfort zone more often. I am usually very impulsive but am going to think about this (hopefully) for a day or two as the tangerine venetas are still on the web site. I did look for one at resale but didn't find any....they are probably too new. Any comments regarding my dilemma? I need all the advice I can get!!!
    Let's face it....I am just rationalizing buying another bag. (I do have a violet veneta, which I love.)
  6. The thought process seems well constructed. I'm heading in the other direction as evidenced by the Walnut parachute. Because I tend to wear a lot of color in summer, I wanted a bag that would go with everything and be neutral.

    That said, consider Fire Opal. It's a dreamy orange. Happy, warm but not freakishly bright. And true orange so it looked great with red, pink, navy, grey, white. It was a helluva look with green but that worked too! I've seen some mediums on the *Bay.

    But this is one where it'd be good to consign or buy with return policy and try it on at home with all your stuff. You've got a vision in your head about how it will look but it might freak you out in reality.
  7. Good points. Thank you. I wore a lot more neutral clothing when I was still working. With something like this, I'd like to find it resale as I'm never really sure how my ideas will work out. I'll check ebay.
  8. I saw the orange / tangerine in the store together with the trefle green. The orange is a true "fruit" orange colour and would be beautiful with dark browns and navy. I think it could even work with a fuchsia scarf! However, orange for me is not so good for my skintone - probably good on "spring" or " autumn" types on those colour wheel thingys.