Tangerine MAB from LB GONE ALREADY?!?!?!

  1. oh no! i am so upset!! I think i missed out! I just went to luna boston's website to check out the tangerine MAB and it is not there anymore. does that mean it sold out already?!!??!

    waaaaaaaaaaahhhhh waaaaaaaaaaaaah wahhhhhhh:crybaby:

    Does anyone know where else to purchase one of these baby's???????
  2. ok. well on the phone with amanda and she said they sold out in two days! wahhhhhh wahhhh!

    lucky for you who got one!

    she did say they've gotten so many requests for that bag that they will order more if they can, but she has to talk to the owner.
  3. bagtrends.com had it on pre-order as well, check there.
  4. ^^^ Thank you!
  5. ^^ actually, i just looked and i only see the mini
  6. GEEZ LOUISE MAN! Sold out in two days!?
  7. I know, i'm so sad about it :sad:
  8. Wow, that was quick. I told my husband last night after I ordered it that I knew it would sell out by today.
  9. Dang. This is the bag to have.
  10. This is literally flying off the shelves! :nuts:
  11. NO WAY!!! holy cow--get'm while their HOT!:beach:
  12. Oh rileyroow I'm sorry it slipped through your fingers, I'd be so disappointed too! :crybaby: But you never know if all those people who bought one will actually like them, it might not be a bad idea to contact LB and let them know that if they get any returns, you want to buy one.
  13. jcmadison.com has it available for presale, too. Just the MA, not the MAM, I think.
  14. I am patiently waiting for mine to come in the mail! Hope it will be here soon!!
  15. Thanks Balihai, that's a really good idea, I'll let you know if it works!