Tangerine Elisha Strap


May 16, 2008
lguluv3eb-have you ordered an elisha strap yet? or your bbw mam w/old hardware? just curious cuz i'm thinking of getting either a hobo or elisha strap too & question the hardware as you did.

*PS*i know the posts are a month old-but dee your tangy mam w/strap is pretty gorgeous!

natalie: I have the same question! I have Elisha straps for my tangy and Ruby MAMs, and the hardware matches perfectly (because they are both w/new hardware, as are the straps). But I just ordered a strap for my BBW that's on the way (old HW)...now I am curious to see what happens w/ the strap HW...will keep you posted, though it will be a while before the strap arrives.:smile:


May 5, 2008
Loquita -- Call RM! If they haven't started making your strap you can probably have it made with brass hardware. I recently ordered straps for my BBW and Tangerine MAMs and the BBW one will be with brass rather than gold hardware. Call them and see what they can do for you, Cory was fabulous when I placed my order!


Oh Mr Postman!
Oct 18, 2009
I know this is a year and a half too late... but is it still possible for me to get the elisha strap in tangerine? RM doesnt make them do they?
Any advice on where i can acquire it?
I just bought the tangerine MAM a few days ago but it doesnt come with a strap.
and i want one so bad.... :P


Love is Love is Love
Apr 19, 2007
^ Nope. RM doesn't make straps anymore for old season colors. Your best bet is to look on ebay. I believe there is a tangerine MAM w/ strap currently on ebay that has been listed for a long time, you might want to message the seller to see if they'd sell the strap separately. You never know..