tangerine blake...anyone?

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  1. So the blake is on sale for less than 600 in patent tangerine..hubby says it's a great deal..get it but it digs into the budget for my lv trevi pm...only get one this month and would have to wait til next year for another...what would you do??????? HELP...i love orange!!
  2. Get the LV Trevi PM. I have this bag and absolutely love it! It is more versatile than the tangerine Blake (IMO) and well should be, at triple the cost (of the sale Blake).:smile:
  3. If you've wanted the Trevi PM for awhile I think you might regret it if you went for the Blake instead. And you're less likely to get tired of the Trevi, IMO. The tangerine is hot, but it's definitely less versatile. But if you love the Blake, go for it! I'll look forward to hearing what you decide!
  4. thanks so far girls...I am just so into orange..but I am sooooo in love with the trevi pm...am suppossed to get one tomorrow!!! I will let you know what I decide..but would still love to hear what others think!
  5. since you've wanted the Trevi PM for awhile i think you should go for it. you can always get the orange blake later plus i think the orange is a harder color to go with your clothing selection....
  6. true..but I would carry it anyway...:tup::heart::P:nuts:
  7. wish I could just have both...but that would be over $2000!!!!!
  8. The 'tangerine' blake has been on sale for a while now, well before it was $624 I think.
    But when I asked about this bag before, (I can't remember who told me) but some tpfer's told me that they thought the blake was actually salmon,
    which I think is more of a coral colour.
    I was actually thinking about buying this bag because I like it a lot, but I was thinking that it would be harder to match outfits, and I was unsure if I would like the patent. :shrugs:
    So I think you should go for the LV that you have been wanting for sure!
  9. The Blake! The Trevi is on my wish list, but the Blake is the Blake. And this patent leather Tangerine Blake is a striking bag, a conversation piece...its bright, it's cool, special. I would wear it with anything--let it clash, that's more fun!! I think leaving it for "later" might not be a good idea. You would have a much harder time finding a T Blake than a Trevi, IMHO. In the end, you can't go wrong with either one; they're both gorgeous.

    PS: The bag that comes in "Salmon" patent leather is the Elise.

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  10. ^^Actually the Blake that is on sale at bg.com is also Patent which would make it Salmon. Tangerine was mostly a So Cool color, not patent.

    Here's roomommy's Tangerine MP to help see the difference:

  11. /\/\ Wow, that's an awesome bag and photo. Thanks for phosting it! I'm not a big lover of the MP (I know, I know, so sue me...), but that is one hot bag. The funny thing is that I don't normally like orange, but the tangerine and salmon don't hold anything back--they're so bold. IMO, a color like that is not meant to be matched (I mean, how in the world?); for me, it's just meant to be super fun to wear.
  12. i would choose the blake. if i'm thinking of the correct lv bag, then i'd have to say that i'm not a fan of logos. even one as discreet as the damier if any lv logo can be labeled as such. the blake is a classic shape and in a gorgeous color (your favorite!). good luck with your decision.
  13. Hi tadpolenyc, just for reference the trevi is the bag in my avatar right now. I do soooolove the blake..that is why I am torn. The trevi is 1590$$$ and buying the blake will put a $600 dent in my savings toward the other bag...but at the same time the blake will be gone soon...see what I mean??? :confused1:
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    Last edited: Aug 7, 2008
    I believe Cheryl is right--I think the color name is really salmon.
    Here is a pic of I:heart:MJ's salmon patent Elise, for reference:

    ETA: karmenzsofia is right--this type of color is super fun to wear. I wear my tangerine mp with colors like navy, light blue, and brown. Doesn't really "match" but it's a nice pop of color. It kind of makes one feel "devil-may-care"-ish, if you know what I mean.
  15. I am no help - never been a fan of LV, but that patent is GORGEOUS! I think I want one of the yellow patents from the MJ boutiques :biggrin: