Tanger Outlets Wisconsin Dells - anyone near??

  1. I see they are opening the Coach Factory in wis. dells in late July and was wondering how many girls are within driving distance of this center... I would love to have a tPF girls day out when they open! My birthday is August 3rd, so I will def. be needing a Coach fix!

    Anyone who is interested, please post here!! Hopefully it will be more than just me ;)
  2. I just mapquested it - from my house it's 5 hours and 17 minutes... darn.... if it was closer, I would've been there!! :sad:

    I've always wanted to go to the Dells. Now I have another reason to plan it one of these days!
  3. it's about 3 and a half hours for me... but i am hoping to make a weekend out of it. Do a little swimming, shopping, etc. LOL

    Lemme know if you decide to go this summer :smile:
  4. 3.5 hours is usually the max I will travel -- that gets me to Omaha or Des Moines or Minneapolis. Or 2.5 hours to Sioux Falls, SD. Plus I can go and return the same day if I want... Usually if I travel further, it's to Kansas City which is just over 5 hours and they have everything!!

    But the Dells is on my list to visit! It would be fun to go to the Coach outlet opening! :yes: I'll definitely keep it in mind!
  5. I live just under 3 hours away. I would love to make the trip out for the store opening but I will be in the Dells next week and I don't think my boyfriend would want to go down there again in a month. The Albertville one is closer anyway.
  6. is the albertville one pretty nice? It is about 4 hours from me... wouldn't mind driving down and checking it out. :smile:
  7. That one is 4 hours from me, too... I haven't been yet even though I've been in Minneapolis a couple of times lately and it's about 30-45 minutes from the MOA. I think Munchkyn goes there occasionally. If I remember correctly, not much signature stuff but otherwise sounds like a nice one.
  8. when does it open? i will be back home in wisconsin for my brothers wedding the weekend of july 14th....the dells is about an hour from my hometown of janesville. if i remember correctly wasnt there an outlet in fort atkinson/jefferson as well?
  9. I'm an hour away and will be notified when grand opening day schedules :smile:

    I've been to Albertville too, no signature but some really nice clearance sales.
  10. oo!! i live in waukesha so I'm reasonably close, too! I'll have to get up there :nuts:
  11. The Albertiville one is okay. The first outlet store I ever went to was the one in Key West, so I was spoiled from the start. The last two times I was at the Albertville one, I didn't see anything I really liked. The Key West one ALWAYS has something I want...I don't know why. I hope the Wisc. Dells one is really nice because my family visits the dells every year. One more reason to go!
  12. I was in the Dells ealier this week and I saw the store. I was secretly hoping maybe they opened the store a month early...lol. That would have been awesome. Oh well, I guess I'll have to wait until march when I go down there again.
  13. anyone hear when they are opening???
  14. I used to live in Wisconsin but was over 200 miles from the Dells...it was a yearly vacation for our family since I was a child:yes:...Didn't know they had a Coach outlet there now!
  15. I called the main outlet line and they said mid July. They'll be putting an update on the site when it's comin close :smile: I'm only 45 minutes away! And I have NO outlets or boutiques within 4 hrs of me so this is like a dream come true, wooooooot!

    I've been holding onto a return just for the day lol.