Tanger Outlets coupon books = 25% off MANY stores including Coach!

  1. I was just told about this -- buy a coupon book for $1 for breast cancer and get deals at the outlet stores. MANY stores are listed! Including Coach!

    Not sure of all the details but here is the link to check it out! Coupon books are good until Dec. 31st!

  2. phooey, only barstow is listed for CA.
  3. It's a single coupon that you buy for $1, for 25% off one item. It's good for one month. I was just at a Coach at a Tanger Outlet, and purchased 3 coupons (you have to pay for those in cash). I bought a large black Ergo hobo (final price $197) a red apple keyfob ($18) and the keyfob that has the leather letters that spell out coach ($30). Then, because I bought more than one coupon, they gave me another coupon that's good Nov. 1-21, and when you bring that back, you get FOUR 20% off coupons to use then! They're good at all the Tanger outlets.
  4. Wildflower, thanks for the post...and Toto too, thanks for the additional info!
  5. Thanks for the info Toto!
  6. uhm yeah that outlet is near me and i'm gonna get like 10 coupons, it's awesome cuz the coupons are on sale for 1 month but you can use em till 12/31/2007
  7. ^ I think the pink cards are only valid until Oct 20, but the coupon book which doesn't include coach is valid until 12/31/2007.
  8. Emald is right, the pink coupon is only valid until Oct. 20. If you buy it on Oct. 20, you have to use it that day. They sell coupon books at the Outlet center office, and those coupons are good until 12-31, but Coach isn't in that. Oh, but here's something -- if you have AAA, you go in and register at the office, then each time you visit a different Tanger Outlet, you go into the office and they'll give you a $5 gift card, and that you can use at any store. That's a promotion that runs each calendar year, from 1/1 - 12/31. I even was at one center when the office was closed, and they had the AAA coupon books available at one of the stores -- so I went and got that, and then they had a record that I was there. I called the following day, and they mailed the coupon to me. Yay, free money!
  9. ^I didn't know about the AAA thing! So you go register first at the AAA office? or you just go to each Tanger and show your AAA card?
  10. GEEZE!! I wish I would have known about these a while back - would have saved me a ton on coach goodies while on vacation!! *sigh* Maybe next year I'll be more aware and catch an even better deal!
  11. You go to a Tanger office, show your AAA card, you have to register. You won't get the $5 certificate at the first one. You get it at each one you go to after you register at the first one. I found out about this while I was on vacation in Hilton Head. Then, every time you go to a different Tanger outlet, go to the office, and they'll be able to look you up. You'll only get one $5 gift card per center, but money is honey (that's from Jungle 2 Jungle -- we're big on movie quotes here).