Tanger Outlets coupon books = 25% off at Coach outlets

  1. I was just told about this -- buy a coupon book for $1 for breast cancer and get deals at the outlet stores. Coach was mentioned as a 25% savings off of one item per coupon book.

    Not sure of all the details but here is the link to check it out! Coupon books are good until Dec. 31st!

  2. Oooh! Coach is listed for both Lancaster, PA and Rehobeth, DE but not for San Marcos, TX. I wonder if Coach at San Marcos is in the Prime Outlets instead of Tanger. That would explain it...hmmm...what agreat deal. I wish Prime Outlets was running that deal....
  3. I followed up Wildflower's post over at Deals & Steals about this -- the breast cancer coupon is a single coupon that you purchase for $1, and gives you 25% off one item, it's good for one month from today. You can buy more than one, I bought three, and you have to pay for them in cash. Then, because I bought more than one, they gave me another coupon that I bring back Nov. 1-21, and they'll give me FOUR more coupons for 20% off, for use during those same dates. It's an extra percentage off even clearance stuff! They're good at all the Tanger Outlets.
  4. Thanks for the info Toto! And thanks for posting on the other thread, too! :yes:

    tanukiki - yep, San Marcos is Prime Outlets... at first I wondered why it wasn't good there either and so I called the Coach store there and they told me they were Prime Outlets... bet they get a lot of calls because those two outlets are right next to each other I think?
  5. Girls....I :heart::heart::heart: all of you who posted this!!!!!!!!!

    With this extra discount, I can FINALLY get the Abbey bag that I've been drooling over for ages. I just called the outlet to have them hold one for me-dh is home in about an hour and I'm positive I can talk him into getting this for me since my anniversary is Saturday. Cross your fingers for me!

    I'm so excited! You girls are the BEST!! :yahoo::yahoo:
  6. Sweetmelissa, Happy Anniversary!! While you're there, buy more than one coupon, they're only $1 -- then you'll get that extra one to use in November!
  7. Figured as much but didn't have time to check it out for sure when I posted. Ding doggity. Wonder if I'll have time to swing by Rehobeth before I move out of MD for good....
  8. What an amazing deal! I wish I lived near an outlet!
  9. I live by Vacaville, CA and there is a Chelsea Primium Outlets there. I wonder if there is a coupon going around there. I looked online but found nothing.:confused1:
  10. I was at a Tanger Coach outlet in July and the SA told me about this. Thanks for the reminder Wildflower!
  11. I think it's just at the Tanger Outlets, and I get the impression that it's a personal thing for the family that owns it. They do it every year.
  12. Is the Round Rock, Tx. Coach outlet Tanger or Prime?? Perhaps it will work for this one:confused1:
  13. Good idea :tup: I cannot thank you girls enough for this info!
  14. dang i wish i knew this before i went last weekend :sad: