Tanger Outlet Support Breast Cancer Research Coupons Information

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  1. I did a search on this and didn't find anything, so forgive me if it is a duplicate.

    I ran to my outlet today and the SA was telling me that the annual Tanger outlet support breast cancer research coupons would be coming around again in October. Each coupon will be $1 and you can buy up to 10 of them. They are each worth 20% off the purchase of an item.

    Now last year I thought it was 25%, but she clearly said 20%....but that is still better than nothing! ;)

    So for those of you that go to Tanger outlets, watch for these coupons coming up this fall!!:yahoo:
  2. I remember it being 25% off too. I thought it was in Nov for some reason but I won't mind it being in Oct. But Oct makes more sense since that is when Breast Cancer Awareness Month is. I love that coupon b/c you can also use it at Nike. Thank you for the reminder.
  3. Thanks for the update! My GFs and I always take a road trip to the Williamsburg IA outlet each year for the BC coupon sale! The Coach store limits 5 coupons per day but will allow pre-sale and technically each DAY you call is a separate 5 coupon limit (per the manager!). We scored BIG last year with the $75 Leigh's!! Every single one of us ended up getting one!
  4. Damn! I was hoping it would be in September so I could take advantage of it when I go to the tanger outlets in OBX.
  5. wouldnt other outlet doing the same?
  6. Last year's Breast Cancer Awareness discount was 25%, but I'll still shop with an additional 20% this year!

    Thanks for the reminder that it's returning!!!
  7. FYI - You have to donate in cash.

    Luckily I had a few dollars on me at the time. At least for my Tanger outlet you didn't have to go to the mgmt. office to donate, I did it right in the Coach store. It would be awesome if they are running 50% off clearance at the same time.
  8. Grayxie, what tanger outlets in PA have coach? There arent any in NJ, at least that I am aware of.
  9. Lancaster is the only one close to me. I think the others are The Chelsea Group.
  10. I went to the outlet in Sevierville, TN on Friday and they told me it was 25% off and that it would be in Sept. or Oct.?? So who know's we'll just have to wait and see what happens.
  11. 20% or 25% still better than nothing.
  12. Thanks!
  13. That's great news! If I recall correctly, I think it started mid-Sept and lasted about a month. It was great for Christmas and birthday shopping!
  14. Since I missed the 20% coupon this time, maybe I can use this in the fall. Thanks for the information!
  15. if Coach sends out a coupon - can we use both ;)