TANGEN IS HERE!!! finally some PICS!!!

  1. Early very early this morning the mail man knocked in my door and it was the package from hong kong!!! :yahoo: the bag is beautiful I tought it was gonna be a bit bigger tough, I wonder how small is the modelling doll let-trade has LOL :p. I am really happy!! I think there is not better spent money than the money spent on LV :yes: (talking about material things of course)...
    They where so nice and gave me a dust bag with it
    what I wonder now is that I had the feeling mini lin was a lot more shinny, my bag looks rather mat :s what do u think??

    :love: I love it anyway :love: , there you have some modelling pics :graucho:
    IMG_6189.JPG IMG_6198.JPG IMG_6042.JPG IMG_6036.JPG
  2. congrats! it looks great on you!
  3. It looks great on you! OT, your hair looks amazing!!!
  4. Very nice, congrats!
  5. Lookin Hot! Congrats!:beach:
  6. wow, you look hot! It is sooo pretty!
  7. wow very nice, looks great!
  8. congrats! I've never seen that bag before, quite interesting!
  9. Congrats! Really looks fabulous on you and it rocks! It is mat and not shiny.
  10. Wow, love it! And it looks gorgeous on you!
  11. :drool: :drool: Congrats!!! Love it and look great on you!
  12. that looks really nice!!!!!
  13. FABULOUS on you! thanks for the modelling pics... love da mini lin... great!
  14. You totally rock that bag!!! :rochard: Congrats!
  15. Very nice!
    Love the bag & I agree about your hair, it's gorgeous.