tan vs black 2.55

  1. Hi.

    im just wondering which color would be easier to go with daily outfits?
    i was thinking tan would look more casual and yet elegant.. but can u wear the bag for formal events??
    or is it better to get the black one? does it go with all outfits?? it looks a tad too elegant for me for daily wear?? but it would be suitable for formal wear.

    can u guys give me some feedbacks??

    thanks in advance :smile:
  2. I love black day or night. It does not look too elegant for the day....
  3. i prefer black.. it's more versatile
  4. Vote for black. It's a color for any occassions.. day or night.
  5. hahaha interesting.. i thought a lot would say tan :smile:
  6. me me me.. i would say tan!.. black is gorgeous but tan is very versile and lets face it.. with $$$ of chanel.. its better to get a back that u can wear all day long with brown, white, beige and neuteral colors outfits!
  7. yeah. i was thinking of the same thing.. i love to get white or beige colour. but im just afraid of getting it dirty. and red would be a little too loud for me.

    so my best bet would be tan or black.. but i can't seem to decide. my sister keeps telling me to get the black one but i thought it's too formal. does the tan look good? does someone have a picture of it?
  8. Black, because I think you can do more with it.
  9. i dont think color (tan or black ) determiens elegance or not....i think the style does, and Chanel has the classiest bags! black is moe versatile during the fall/winter seasons, (esp this year, black is back in!) tan is more versatile during the spring/summer.
  10. ^I was going to say something similar.
    The bag will be classic and elegant in either color, but not overly dressy for a lot of daytime wear, so either color is perfect!
    Pick the one you're eaning towards and the the other next time!:yes:
  11. tan is great for daytime wear, but for me, black is more versatile.
  12. :yes:
  13. Black is the one to own. Can't goes wrong with any outfits or time of the days. IF this is your first classic 2.55 purchase, you should get black.
  14. black is versatile, don't have to worry about stains
  15. I really love black !!!!