Tan Versus Whiskey Paddies

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  1. Has anyone actually seen them side by side. Is there a huge difference? I've seen the Whiskey color, but not the tan.

    Short story...my boyfriend told me he'd get me the regular Paddington satchel...I wanted to get it from LVR because it's almost $300 cheaper, but they sold out of the Whiskey...they do have it in tan though. I'm in love with the Whiskey but would be willing to take the tan (if it's just as pretty).
  2. This is the two side-by-side:

    1tan.jpg 1whisk.jpg

  3. Oh, thank you. I didn't think to look on E-bay.
    what do you think? should I settle for the tan, or should I spend the x-tra $300 and get the Whiskey? I need to look more closely...
  4. Well, I personally prefer the Whiskey by a loooooooonnng mile, but it depends what you think. Are you more drawn to one colour than the other?
  5. Having seen both in person (I have a whiskey, but had ordered a tan and returned it), I think you should just think about what color looks better with your wardrobe. Imagine yourself carrying each one wearing various outfits.

    Buy the one you really like. It is a lot of money either way, you should really love the bag.
  6. Both are very pretty colors. You should choose the one you love the most because both will cost a pretty penny.
  7. I have also seen them both and had them both in my possession for a short period. I returned the Tan because the color was just not what I thought it would be. It's not a "natural" looking tan. I know the leather on Paddys is different than say... Mulberry, which looks more of a natural color if you know what I mean. The Tan looked so "artificial". I'm not expressing myself well here but Whiskey gets my vote.

    Not to offend anyone who owns and loves Tan as there are MANY. I'm almost convinced that I got a reject bag.
  8. i totally love the whiskey colour!!!
  9. I am not really a fan of the whiskey, but I like it better than the tan :biggrin:
  10. I just ordered the whiskey from NM this morning (used my 15% birthday discount and free shipping!). I hope I'm going to like it!
  11. I love the tan! The color is wonderful...at least from the photo. I like the whiskey better in the Edith since it seems quite a bit darker. But I agree, you need to get what you LOVE for the price tag. What is LVR?
  12. I have the whiskey in the double-zipper large bowler. I am loving it!
  13. I love the whiskey color over the tan. It has a pop and vibrance to it that the tan does not have. The tan is more subdued. Personally, I think whenever you spend more than $1000 on a purse, you should get exactly the one you want. Don't settle because in your head you will know that it is what you did and I think it'll detract from you enjoying the bag to its fullest. (Again this is if you're paying for it).

    When it's a gift, it's a little different. I wouldn't ask someone to go an additional mile if it was going to break their bank or hurt their feelings. My hubby bought me a LV Multicolore a couple years back and even though it wasn't the exact style I wanted, I was never going to tell him that. And you know what? in the end, it really didn't matter at all.

    Good luck! I hope it all works out!
  14. Wow thanks for posting the comparison pics! That's what I needed a few days ago, lol! But I've since decided to go whiskey!!!:amuse:
  15. nice choice! the tan and whiskey are both amazing colors!