Tan Spy from NAP

  1. Here's a picture of the tan Spy that was on sale at NAP. I don't think this is the "honey" color. It seems to be a true orangey tan. I've not seen this color at any of the stores here (bloomies or NM). I think I'm going to keep her, but she's still wrapped up, just in case I change my mind. :rolleyes: She seems like a nice light weight bag. I do like the color - I think it will go with just about anything. Also, 40% off seems like a good deal, since I've not seen the regular leather spies on sale at NM or bloomies. Let me know what you think!
  2. CONGRATS!!! Your honey/toffee spy is just gorgeous and she will go with a lot of colours and outfits! ENJOY!
  3. It's a honey spy -- nice find!
  4. Thanks for verifying that it's a honey spy! :tender:
  5. Beautiful! The leather looks soft and not dry:smile: That does look a little different (or maybe because of my screen) but it is honey, still gorgeous!!!!!
  6. Got a feeling this is the New Honey known as Rust.

    Congrats on a super bag, they have some good bargains on Nap
  7. It could be the new honey, though I thought that was not for the US (I could be mistaken). If it is the old honey, the authenticity card should say "naturale" on it. Either way it looks lovely. I saw it in the sale section and considered it, but I am on a ban. Very versatile color.
  8. I think Kiss got this from Net-a-porter in the UK as its on sale their at 40% off, could be wrong. It looks more orange than the old Honey thats why I think its Rust, but unless you see them IRL its hard to tell.
  9. it's gorgeous! and what a deal, I think it's a keeper fur sure.
  10. I actually got the bag from the U.S. side of NAP on the morning of Christmas Eve. The Fendi card says "Borsa Spy Nappa Nuvolata/Ruggine+Ooro+Pallad". So, maybe the color is rust and not honey?

    Thanks, everyone!
  11. Kiss its a lovely spy, it does look more orange then my honey, the new honey is a lot deeper in colour than the old honey, I think theirs a good chance its Rust as cannot see NAP still haveing stock of the old colour.

    Enjoy your beautiful spy.
  12. Congrats it's a gorgeous spy and at a fabulous deal! I'm sure you'll enjoy wearing it for years to come!
  13. Saich is correct. "Ruggine" roughly translates to "rust-brown".
  14. Congrats...enjoy your new bag!!!
  15. nice spy! congrats!!!