Tan (season unsure) Twiggy, low starting price

  1. 05 caramel?
  2. On the Q&A section a day or 2 ago she said she would sell it at $650:yes:
  3. wow, I feel like there are always tons of twiggy's on ebay :idea: . This looks like 05 caramel to me.
  4. It looks like an 05 caramel to me too, and the wear is not bad at all. The price is great, especially since the handles are in such good shape. However....why did she include photos of a different colored bag's serial #? Looks like she took pics of an ink twiggy's inside tag. It's strange...
  5. it looks like the same bag to me, just different lighting
  6. ^^The 4th and 5th pics down show an interior leather tag that is most definitely not caramel colored. Looks like ink to me.
  7. Lori, these? They definitely look like caramel to me...
  8. hmmm....my monitor must be going crazy or I have a brain tumor. They look just like ink! But I am at work and my monitor isn't great.
  9. I'm going to go with your monitor rather than a brain tumor!
  10. edit: deleted question :smile: