Tan Prada Bowler..?

  1. Hiya'll..

    Interloping here from the LV forums, I'm desperately searching for the name of a Prada bag which has been haunting me lately, but that I can't find anywhere. It's a bowling bag from about 5 or so years ago, leather, and the one I'm thinking of is a rich tan. I think it was quite an iconic bag when it was released, so somebody must know what I'm thinking of..! I think it might have had leather patches on the corners, too?

    I've searched eBay and on here too, but can't find exactly what I'm thinking of, yet I know it exists as I've seen it in a mag recently, in a review of It Bags of recent years! Unfortunately the mag was not mine, and I didn't think to pull the page out... :push:

    If anyone can guess what the heck I'm waffling on about, please put me out of my misery!! :sweatdrop:
  2. It's a bit like this, maybe an older version, though not so sloped on the sides..
  3. Is it something like this? This is my red bauletto (I think that's how it's spelled). There are quite a few variations of this (color, handle length, handle details, etc.), but this is the only silhouette I can think of that resembles the bowler you posted.

  4. I remember that bag - almost bought it but the price was too high for me at that time. By the time I decided to get it, the bag was sold out!
  5. Hi Prada Psycho - no, sorry - It was shaped like a bowler bag with the rounded shoulders, but was deeper (taller, rather) than the one I posted earlier. Thanks for trying, though! It had those patches on the upper shoulders as well as the bottom corner as well, I'm sure.

    Must go back and find that magazine, it was in a coffee shop - I don't even remember how old it was or which one! :push:

  6. check my collection, there is a prada bag there that sounds like what you are looking for. i got it about 4 years ago, if that is the one it is madras cerniera in burro ( color)