Tan Playground...um no...

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  1. Whoa... This person is diluted... *lol* But you never know, some people are SO desperate for tan PG and I'm sure that's what the seller is hoping for!
  2. WHOA!!! It doesn't even have tags.
  3. :hrmm: IDK but this seller is really hoping to make mega bucks .. and as much as I like Tan PG, I won't pay that kind of $$ for a bag that has no tags, or even used, unless I am really desperate, or maybe not .. erm .. nope.. I don't think I would shell out 300 plus bucks for that ..
  4. hah i really don't think it will sell for that much wow
  5. i hope no one will buy it that is freaking crazy!!!
    i like it but not that much
  6. OMG, seriously? I wouldn't even pay above $200 for a big Tan PG bag...
  7. it says nwot but i betcha it's used. that's a really excessive price. the tan PG stuff i've seen lately hasn't been *too* outrageous. that is though.
  8. Yeah, no tags, no way its not used....TOO MUCH FOR A PG!
  9. I don't see the qee or chain attached to it either. That's just crazy. I guess she has plenty of money to blow on listing fees.
  10. it's such a beautiful bag..... but $320??!!! :wtf:
  11. OMG that price is insane ... :wtf:
  12. I was thinking the same thing.
  13. Totally it looks kinda droopy...
  14. HAhaha that is crazy!!!!!! NOTE TO ALL THE LURKER/eBay SELLERS who use this forum to jack up prices: WE LUV PLAYGROUND BUT NOT THAT MUCH! thanks...