tan playground bella bella quest....

  1. man i have just been searching and searching for these darn things!! hahahaha. the bella bella style seems like a really good bag for me, however the only print i like that actually comes in that style if tan playground, which is impossible to find!!!

    does anyone know where i can find a tan PG bella bella for a reasonable price? am i asking for the impossible? hahahahaha
  2. I would like to know the same except I want a tan PG bella. By the way..googly..there is a tan PG bella bella on eBay right now.
  3. i want one too, but the ones on eBay are too expensive for me =[ the most i've spent thus far is 155-160 and i feel bad enough..
  4. yeah i definitely feel ya on that kim, the most ive paid is 184 which was for my zucca, and thats before i even knew about tokidoki
  5. Dont' feel bad guys...I paid $210 for my Amore Gioco here in Hawaii................so yeah.

    Btw, there was one Tan PG Bella Bella on LJ like last week. The price was something around $200 but heh, what ya gonna do ah? Everyone is searching.
  6. I was looking at the eBay PG BBs too since I got my OP BB and liked the style and I don't like camo PG at all. but I can't justify paying as much as the ones on there are listed for. Maybe if the front/zipper side was full of lattes and Bastardinos, I'd consider..
  7. OMG!! 210 for Gioco!! i paid half what you paid. lolz...and my zucca was even cheaper than what u paid a gioco for.
  8. tachikomatic - i know what youre saying..i guess i was just VERY lucky to get my Tan PG Bella for $130 lol....but you MUST get one..it's so lovely...one of my fave prints.

    Yeah, well I got that Amore Gioco just because I was @ the Lesportsac here and just really wanted THAT one..ya know? I think it was 210 w/ tax and stuff...blehh it was dumb, but I don't really have any regrets about it hahahahah.
  9. Did you get it for $130 shipped? If so..great deal!
  10. Well, I actually did a switch with one of my friends. I got her the NEW OP Bella Bella she wanted which I paid $140 for and she mailed me the NEW Tan PG Bella & a $10 qee..so yeah it was around $130 for the bag haha.

  11. Good deal! You have a good placement on yours too!:smile:
  12. Thanks tvstar...I :heart: my tan bella. Eventually I need more Tan Playground haha...I'll be on the lookout for you and googlygrape.
  13. ^^ Thanks!:smile:
  14. thanks jessakamitz!!!

    i saw the one on LJ but it was 200 plus 25 for shipping from singapore! and when i make orders i have to use a money order, so it doesnt work! i want one so badly!!!

  15. The one on ebay is like $175.00