Tan Playground Andiamo - I am so in <3!

  1. Finally got the time to sit it down and take some pics to share with everyone. The bag arrived last week and I am so happy that it's all that I ever wanted. It would be a plus if the pink haired girl is centered but oh well, I am not complaining. The print placement is already superb and the size of the Andiamo really blew me off! It is HUGE and I stuffed two large pillows into it and still have more room.

    I wonder why they stopped making this style. It's perfect for travelling and much better than the luna or the trenino.

    Ok, here it is:




  2. ahhh!! your bags is beautifulllllllll!!!
  3. OMG!! How GORGEOUS!!!:love:
  4. Thanks!! And here are pics for the Campeggio and Andiamo, a comparison ;


    The Andiamo sure is HUGE! It would be a great bag for larger girls and will drown petite ladies! :graucho:
  5. :drool::drool: that is an absolutely beautiful bag!!!
  6. OMG pinkpeony!!! I LOVVVEEEE your playground andiamo!!!! :love: :drool:

    I want one!!!!! lmao .... u are so lucky!!!
  7. They really didn't stop making it.. they just renamed it to the Cucciolo and added mesh pockets :smile:

    Seriously though, I think they are the same size....
  8. wowzers! that's HUGE!!! the campeggio seems monstrous to me so i can't imagine how big andiamo is! but it's PRETTY!! congrats!

  9. The Cucciolo is
    13" x 16.25" x 6"
    The Andiamo is
    13.75&#8243; x 16.25&#8243; x 7.25

    Lengthwise they are the same.
  10. whoaa that's a big bag! its very pretty ^__^
  11. it's a beautiful bag!!!!!:yes::yes::yes:
  12. wow, andiamo is huge! congrats, pinkpeony! :biggrin:
  13. OOOOH its gorgeous!!!!!!! its so big and the lattes on the back!!!!
  14. Very cute bag ;)
  15. What a beautiful bag. Congratulations!:drinkup: