Tan PG war!

  1. :amazed::amazed::amazed:Someone paid $293 for that?
  2. Wow! That seller is happy today. :roflmfao:
  3. :roflmfao:
    I don't have money to waste like that! But if you really want something bad enough...
    I guess I don't understand cuz I'm not the biggest fan of the Playground print. I just wanted one so that I could have 1 bag/accessory in every print... It's just not one of my favs and even if it was I still don't think I could justify paying almost $300 for a bambinone. I mean... that's the cost of a Trenino right there....
  4. Yeah, that's pretty :nuts: but I guess the buyer really wanted it!
  5. OMG! :shocked:
  6. MADNESS!!:nuts:
  7. Wow, that is crazy. But I guess it all depends on how much it's worth to YOU!
  8. it does have really awesome placement, i'll give them credit for that much.

    would i pay that much. nope. not even if i had $100 bills spilling from my pockets everywhere i walked. if it were a different style and i was obnoxiously rich, maybe.
  9. I was planning to bid, but when I saw how high up it went, :wtf::wtf::wtf:
    nevermind...as much as i love PG and would never pay more then double the retail price...imagine how many toki's you could get for $300! Oh well, if you have the $$ and it ain't breakin the bank then I guess it ok, but for me
    i could never!
  10. Hey, it's still cheaper than Gucci, Louis Vuitton and most Coaches.
  11. seriously.. for something that was originally 130?!

    i just don't understand it because i've had a bambinone myself.. and i would never go above 180 for it.
  12. That is pretty insane for a bambinone.:wtf:
  13. Holy moly... that's pretty insane right there :p I'd never pay that much for *any* bag~
  14. WOW. :wtf:
    That's nearly double and a half retail (which was $120)!! I feel grateful that I picked up my Playground bambinone with my perfect print placement when it was still in stores.