tan pg bella bellas...oy

  1. so my search for a tan pg bella bella is becoming very frustrating! the only way i could ever get one is dishing out 200+ dollars, and i just cant justify spending that much since i'm a poor 17 year old kid, hahahahaha. i really just wonder where i could ever get one for under 200, oy!
  2. Good Luck On Your Search. I Too, Am On The Same Journey...trying To Find A Nice Tan Pg For A Reasonable Price!
  3. yeah its definitely tough. i guess recently i was the closest ive ever gotten to getting one and once again it didnt work out! im just sad :sad:
  4. i feel you...i search eBay and LJ everyday hoping that one day i will get lucky and find something under $200.

    I wish i bought the TAN PG and CITTA ROSA when they first came out, but I only recently started my tokidoki collection a couple months ago.

    If only...:cry:
  5. I want a tan PG bella and about a month ago I saw a few of them on eBay priced reasonably but now it seems everyone wants one and the prices are crazy if and when they show up on eBay.
  6. It is crazy right now..maybe you can all wait for things to settle down :biggrin:

    oh god I hate to say it but I got lucky and got my Tan PG Bella a few months ago for $130 LMFAO..so yeah it is possible :biggrin: Just keep searching LJ and eBay...that's the best thing lol.
  7. O:huh:...i'm so J's! Yah I'll wait, well i have no choice...Hopefully it settles down.
  8. ^_^ sorry i had to mention it...lolz...

    but yeah there is one Tan PG BB up on Livejournal right now...but hm there is no pic but the person does say trade/buy on their post there...hmm no cost either. idk.
  9. I'm such a loser... I SOLD my tan PG for REALLY REALLY cheap a couple of months ago, and now I want it back :cry:
  10. ^Aw, that sucks major butt lol...yeahh once you get those, i dont think it's a good idea to ever let them go O__O
  11. Oh Googly, don't loose faith, you'll find your tan pg for a reasonable price!! ;) Tan pg is one of my favorite prints so in March when the outlets marked them down half price I went on a tan pg frenzy buying back up bags for myself and caramellas like mad. After I bought it all I was kinda mad at myself for spending so much $$$ but now I'm so glad I got what I did b/c I was able to give some as great gifts! :idea:
  12. nvm the one on lj is like $230 starting i think...but if someone wants to pay that then yeahh there's one for ya on there :biggrin:
  13. Yeah, I got very lucky with my Tan PG Bella Bella. Bought it off eBay in April for $130 advertised as a Bella. When it arrived, I discovered it was actually a Bella Bella, which made me even happier.:yes: For once it was a happy eBay mistake instead of the other way around.:smile:
  14. Yeah I got my tan PG bella from the SH outlet store when they still had them for less than $100. I can't believe how crazy people are going with this print on ebay....why this print so much more than even the original? Anyone know?
  15. well i over paid for my bellabella but it was worth it :smile: it has a 2 set of lattes in the front showing ;)