Tan Paddington sightings?

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  1. Hi, has anyone seen a tan medium Paddington anywhere? I'm a Chloe newbie so I'm not sure if there is a color named tan or if there are different variations. And if it's on sale, that would be even better! TIA for any information! :smile:
  2. I posted an ebay uk listing for a tan paddy. Currently 9hrs left and £600!
  3. This there was a store selling them in deals and steals at the moment. Will have a look for ya
  4. you might want to try Nordstrom. They have marked down some styles in Tan-not sure if the medium paddy is one of them.
  5. Thanks for everyone's responses! I was able to find the color Canelle. (spelling?) Is that the tan color? Or should I be looking for the color tan? :confused1:
  6. One more question...what about the color camel? Is that the tan color or should it actually come up as the color "tan?" Thanks!
  7. Try calling Nordstrom King of Prussia PA, I think they mentioned some kind of Paddy today in tan, it wasn't a color I was looking for so I didn't pay attention
  8. Thank you. I'm actually looking for a new one. I found a canelle one at Nordstrom so I have that on hold for pre-sale. I *think* I found a tan on at one of the NMs but was not able to find one at a Nordstrom (yet) on sale. Does NM do price matches? I've called A LOT of Nordstroms already and am just about ready to give up...if anyone encounters a medium tan Paddy at a Nordstrom, please post here or PM me. I've also been searching for a chocolate one, same style, but haven't had any luck at all...
  9. There is a tan paddington buyers tote in the Bellevue Nordstrom store.