Tan Or Whiskey Regular Paddy ?

  1. I can't decide if i will buy a tan or a whiskey paddy.
    I've just received a tan one ordered at NAP, but i think the leather is very granulated, do you think there all like that or that another can be very different ?
    And you gilrs, If you only can get one paddy, will you take whiskey or tan ????:confused1:
  2. I would go for the whiskey...
  3. Whiskey... I want one too :P
  4. Dear Dollygirl :
    Do you think it is possible to find one (whiskey) at this time ? ;)
  5. I love the tan but only the ones that have the smoother type leather, like many from the 05 season.
  6. Whiskey!!
  7. whiskey!
  8. :confused1: I don't know where to get one....
    I saw some pop up on ebay.... but need to be careful of fakes.
  9. The leather on each paddy is so different so if you prefer the smooth leather then you'll have to either do eBay or go to a store and see it IRL...
  10. Thanks, girls !

    One question : if i send it back to NAP, do you think a can keep the black box ?:graucho:
  11. What do you mean by granulated? Pebbled? Textured?? That is a good thing. The smooth bags look fake (to me). Post pics if you can.
  12. I 've taken some pics of the tan leather (with the dove one to make comparison) but i can't upload it because they the forum limits. How can I upload my pics ?
  13. This is not my pics (I can't upload, they excess the forum limits) but for show what i mean, this are 2 pics, and for me one is granulated (but less than my tan), and the other more smoth, and i prefer the smoth one (my dove is like that).:yes:
    index-1.jpg fr.jpg
  14. tan! :yes:
  15. Both are pretty colors, but I prefer the Whiskey color over the Tan '06 color.