Tan Mini Rikki Reveal, Lots o' Picts!

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  1. After taking forever to arrive, I finally have my new TAN Mini Rikki!

    To start off, I really like this style, and feel the strap drop is perfect for messenger style! I personally love the Roadie because I wear it messenger style and can be hands free, and feel that this one fit the bill as well.

    I just wish I loved the TAN leather...its soft, smooth and amazing to tough, but I feel the color is just not for me. I MUST find this in another color, maybe Turq for Spring & Summer.

    Ok, here come the pictures...
  2. Pictures of Tan Mini Rikki...

  3. MOD Shots of Tan Mini Rikki, I am 5'4" for reference.

  4. I love this style! It hits you at a great place. Sorry you weren't in love w/ the color.
  5. Love it! :yes: Thanks Besa for the great shots!
  6. I really like this style. Question - is the bag part able to do the Nikki "slouch," if you know what I mean? Can it do the fold thing that we do with our Nikki's?

    Its too bad about the color but that tan is just begging for some dark denim transfer! Boooooooo. :tdown:
  7. wow that bag really looks great on you!! much better than the way it looked on the web...and i agree the tan is somewhat of a blah color and yes esp since it hits so low it is asking for some denim....lol...turq would be gorgeous....or vintage violet...but it does look great so i hope you find it in the color u want!!
  8. Sorry you don't love the color besa! I'm not a fan of tan either but I really do like the size; it looks comparable to a mini nikki with a cross body strap. I know there are black and red ones out there but the black has gold hardware. Otherwise I would have ordered one already :P
  9. It looks great on you, hopefully you'll find the perfect color!
  10. Thanks for posting the pics. I'm about the same size as you and it's great to have a reference.
  11. besa, it looks great on you! I hope you can find it in another color.
  12. awesome! i have been dying to see this on a 'real' person! lol

    it really does look great, but i agree that the tan is just kind of meh.
  13. gorgeous!! congrats!!!
  14. I really like it! I went to a fashion show at Neimans and all they were showing was tan/neutrals for spring from all the designers. This would look so pretty with white.
  15. This style looks great on you. Hopefully you will find a color you love!:smile: