Tan Lines...on Purpose?

  1. Ok, I know I'm not supposed to tan, but I have cut back to once per week and I always wear SPF on my face AND cover my face with a cloth. So no lectures.

    So for you other indoor tanners, do any of you wear a suit when tanning to get tan lines? I confess, I wear a skimpy bottom to get tan lines...just because my tan lines drive my husband crazy. He loves it. I also do it with Mystic tan. Am I totally strange?
  2. i tan and for me personally i dont like tan lines....i dont mine bottom tan lines but i dont like top tan lines at all...so no when i tan i dont wear anything....
  3. I go in my birthday suit, no tan lines here!
  4. I don't tan anymore but when I did I wore my birthday suit and usually wore a little heart or bunny sticker on my lower pelvis to show the tan line changes and that was pretty sexy too. :graucho:
  5. Birthday suit here too :nuts:

    Although I did go through a brief phase when I would wear a thong in the booth for the lines.....
  6. I like having tan lines. Not because they're sexy, but just because.... IDK why...

    I always end up with flip flop tan lines on my feet at the end of the summer, no matter what I do. I find that rather amusing...
  7. I don't mind bottom tans lines, but I absolutely hate have tan lines on the top half of my body. So usually I just tan in bikini bottoms and nothing else.
  8. I don't go tanning, but I do sit by the pool a lot in the summer. My hisband loves tan lines too! He says they're sexy, so if I wear to go tanning, I would leave my bikini bottoms on.
  9. Years ago we had tan lines but then it was the thing not to! I do agree though, they can be sexy
  10. I actually like having tan lines...because I'm so pale the rest of the year! Serves as a nice contrast :lol:

    Except farmer tan lines, that is. :tdown:
  11. I really hate tan lines but I have heard that some men go crazy for it. Personally, I try as hard as I can to avoid them.
  12. If I go tanning, I wear bottoms but usually don't wear a top. The only reason I really wear bottoms is because I'm afraid of some sort of disease festering in the tanning bed even after I've washed it down 2-3 times :smile:
  13. Hehe this happens to me too. I get really dark easily in the summer esp my feet (they get so dark they look dirty sometimes) so you can imagine the lines. and their so hard to get rid of!
  14. I actually love flip flop tan lines on my feet. I think they look really cute!!! lol