Tan IY

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  1. QUICK girls! I just ordered the second to last IY in tan! If anyone wants it you better jump on it! There is only one left now! Ashley told me that a few people had just ordered the tan and that there were only 2 left. So I bought one as quick as I could. So that means one left!!
  2. the regular or the tote?
  3. The regular ones (the smaller one). The IY totes don't come in the tan.
  4. yeah, I just ran to the site to check it out LOL
    What made you choose the regular over the tote? Just curious since we seem to like the same style/sizes in bags
  5. I chose the regular b/c Jackie though I would like that better. She knows what size bags I like and when I asked her if I should get the regular or the tote she strongly suggested the regular for me. I trust Jackie and her opinions so I went with it. Also I saw Mamma22boys pics and that sealed the deal for me.

    Do you prefer one size over the other?
  6. I have no idea lol....trying to figure that out :smile: I actually like bags of various sizes...I just don't like when they are too deep and stick out really far or are heavy
  7. I just emailed you the photos ... sorry it took so long ... busy with my little boy ... :smile:

    In case anyone else was curious here are a couple modeling pics ... pay no attention to my clothes ... going to the park with my 2 boys now. :smile:

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  8. Wow, that looks really elegant. Gorgeous choice!
  9. The more photos I see of this bag, the more I want it. It looks to be the perfect size to me. Karenina, congrats on your order - the tan looks lovely on the website.
  10. That bag is gorgeous. I wish I could get that last tan, but I need to save my money for something in the fall line. Congrats again, Karen. Show us pictures when it gets here.
  11. Hey Girl!! You're going to love this!!!!
  12. ^^ I know I can't wait to get it!!

    Suzi- I wish I was a millionaire then I would buy the bag for you so you could continue to be my twin! LOL

    Mama22boys- I have one boy (and one girl) and I know how busy and wild boys can be! Thank you so much for taking these pics for me. The bag looks awesome on you!

    Sukey- I like bags of different size as well. I did originally want the IY tote but I wanted it in tan and since the IY tot didn't come in tan I took the regular.
  13. Congrats Karenina on your new Tan IY ~ I LOVE LOVE LOVE the IY~ it's a great size with a beautiful profile ~ enjoy ! ! ! !
  14. ^^ do you have one?? I am losing track of everyone's bags! LOL
  15. I'll make a confession ... I ordered a tan IY too! :biggrin: I couldn't resist!