Tan girls! Blush that turns pink on you?

  1. I'm having the hardest time finding a blush that gives me a natural pink flush. Most of the ones I've tried make me look bruised (NARS Sin) or like Mimi from the Drew Carey show (NARS Angelika). I've got lots of corals and reds, but have yet to find my HG pink blush. Any suggestions?

    For reference, I'm NC40 in MAC and Medium Tan in BE.
  2. i use a really pink BOBBI BROWN blush..Ill go see what its called..
  3. have you tried nars orgasm? when i was really tan over the summer, it still showed up quite well... pinkish-coralish, but a nice flush.
  4. MaryAnne - I've tried Orgasm and it is very pretty! But it's more peachy than pink on me. I love NARS, but for some reason I just can't seem to find the perfect pink from them =(

    Jill - I haven't tried Bobbi Brown yet so that might be worth a shot!
  5. Its #33 Called FRENCH PINK
    Looks bright in box..Its the perfect pink on though!!!
  6. just last night my best friend and i both discovered the NARS Oasis blush; it's a very pretty pink shimmery champagne color, and it's perfect for both of us. the funniest thing is that she's INDIAN and i'm CHINESE (literally ebony vs. ivory :lol:), and it still blends very well on both our skin tones. i'm sure you're somewhere in between our colors, so you can try that
  7. cheeky pop in sunrise, is REALLY pink, so you just need a little, but this was also very pink on me (less coral/peach) when i was tan.. so maybe that would be better?
  8. NARS cactus flower - just trust me on this one. Orgasm makes me look like a dirty peachy disco ball.

    Cactus flower looks bright in the pan - but looks so pink and flushed on. Try it - seriously!
  9. MAC's Dolly Mix is pretty on tanned girls & gays =] I tried it out once im an NC43 in MAC and a Warm Tan in Bare Minerals!
  10. I have olive toned skin so finding the right pink to look right has been an issue, too. I like Paula Dorf Bunny for a little flush and Paula Dorf Merengue for a more noticeable pink.
  11. Thank you all for the amazing recs!! I went to Macy's today and picked up Dollymix from MAC (it's so pretty and shimmery! perfect for going out at night!) and then went to Bobbi Brown and picked up French Pink and Apricot both of which look phenomenal!! They didn't carry NARS so I wasn't able to test that out =( I'll have to save that for my next trip to Sephora!

    So, I found 3 HG blushes in one day thanks to you all! LOL!!