"Tan" City (completed listing).....Did a PFer buy?

  1. I think it's the caramel '05.
  2. Yepperoni, it is! I was obsessed with trying to get this bag for awhile. lol. Just look at that smooshy soft leather! :tender: *swoons* Hope a Pfer won it and will post pics for me to drool over soon. lol!:P
  3. So that's Pre-Fall, right? I don't know if that's the "old" leather or not but I think I need to put this on my want list. I LOVE how the leather looks....even though it looks kinda scratched up.
  4. Correctomundo! It's Pre-Fall. :yes: Doesn't the leather look so soft it'll melt in your hands?!? There were a couple different batches of the Pre Fall Caramel Leather, though(just like the Bordeaux and I think the rouge theatre). One batch was this gorgeous thick smooshy buttery soft leather and the other was the thinner kinda crackly leather. I've seen a couple Caramels that were buttery soft on the bottom and back, but the front and sides were thin. It was kinda unusual.
  5. Yes, it just looks delectible! I know they all get better with age but this one just looks so fabulous! The color of the leather combined with the slouchy/smooshiness is killing me!
  6. I have an '05 caramel purse and I have to say that mine is a bit in between. It is not at all veiny or crackly but it is a bit shiny and on the thinner side.
  7. Sort of OT, but it's interesting how quickly this sold. There have been other Caramel City's up over recent weeks, that didn't move at all. And the poor First's just seem to languish.
  8. Oh nevermind, I see it! Hmmmm.... I'm kind of tempted but it looks so stiff and veiny. I'm going to watch that one.
  9. Glimmer,
    I don't think '05's were generally stiff or overly veiny, so maybe it's just the lighting in the photo. These bags are tough to shoot well! Perhaps it's worth asking the seller more questions, since it's very well-priced.
  10. Oh, this makes me feel better ... I was sooo upset when I saw this listing ended, and I could've sworn I never saw it to begin with. It must've been that she added a BIN for a specific person who requested it ... what a good deal!!!
  11. ^Wow, that was a really good deal! $700 and the other went for $1300!
  12. I know, the $700 just killed me (that I missed it), I tell ya! :crybaby: ;)