Tan Brooklyn or Tatum

  1. Dirt cheap on eBay. The description is pretty bad. No dimensions listed so I can't tell if it is a Brooklyn or Tatum but it's real and darn cute and dirt cheap (right now). If it's 12x7 it's the Tatum and if it's 16x9 it's a Brroklyn. These sizes are approximates. I was going to bid on it but I already have both. This is a wonderful bag with great soft leather so maybe one of you might go for it. But I have no idea of the seller and the auction is scetchy so it's a risk. Not authenticity wise though.


    I am leaning towards it being a Brooklyn (the larger size). Here's my two.


  2. I was looking at that auction too. I wrote for dimensions, I think it's the brooklyn as well. It appears to be too wide for a tatum, but I'll wait for a response.

    Anyone made a decision on that bronze scarlett? I wrote and had them send me more photos which look pretty good.
  3. Thats a great bag! The leather looks divine! Do Kooba bags really go for that amount on eBay? I'm in shock!
  4. That Scarlett is very cute. I saw extra pics of it too and it's real. But it may not go very high because the auction just isn't good. Lack of description and pictures. You guys have seen my Scarlett. You know this bag can look much nicer if it was stuffed and photographed nicely.


    That Brooklyn may be another steal because the seller obviously doesn't know what he has and hasn't hyped it. It looks kinda drab and for 8.99 no one is going to think it's much. I won't say that Koobas go this cheap on eBay but if a seller doesn't feel it's worth much to put effort into it, then maybe it isn't worth much to him.
  5. OK, so who is going for the Scarlett? ;)
  6. Not me....I got one.
    If no one seriously wants the Brooklyn and says so, I will bid if it stays cheap. So if anyone wants the Brooklyn, let me know, and I'll stay clear.
  7. Were the dimensions newly added to the "brooklyn" ?? The auction now states Dimensions: 13 W x 9 H x 7D

    I need to go search to see if there are any pictures of someone wearing this bag. I like the color of it. Is the Kooba color officially camel? Getting more drawn by this bag.... anyone know how the lining in the bag is? Is it just cotton print?
    Can you tell I am getting excited? :graucho:
  8. My Brooklyn has an Olive ultrasuede lining. It's the same seaon I believe because it's the same crackled leather. Mine is called Chocolate. I doubt this is called Tan since Kooba usually adds more enticing names but if it is Camel for sure or not, I don't know. Here is a woman holding it. I will confirm this is a luscious bag. It has the ultra squishy leather (like a B-Bag) and is so comfortable to wear. But it is pretty Large. Kittybag, I will promise to keep my fingers off the Bid button...even though it will be tempting. Let me know if you are not going to go for it.

  9. It's hard to tell how high this bag will go. Maybe because of the low key auction it'll stay reasonable. I bought mine on Ebay. Someone listed it for 179 Buy It Now and I grabbed it! I already got my Tatum at LaurieSolet so I knew the leather was awesome. But no one would have known from the auction. It only had 2 pics in dark lighting.
  10. I'm kinda interested in bidding but I don't know if the seller ships to Canada.
    As for that metallic army - it has a reserve - so who knows how much the guy wants for it. I'm scared to find out. :graucho:
  11. He does seem to want a lot considering his lack of effort in the auction. The bag looks like it is just thrown down and squashed.
    But seriously, if I was to sell mine in the near mint condition it is in, I would hope to get 275-300 or so. The bags sold for 495 or around 'bout.
  12. The reserve on the Army metallic is $230, if I recall correctly, as I wrote him about it. I am not going to bid on the Scarlett.

    This Brooklyn though...Lexie, you know me. *s
  13. LOLOL....I just wrote him and asked. He said he'd rather not disclose at this time.
  14. Did anyone determine for sure the Scarlett is the Army? From the pictures he sent me, I still couldn't tell if it was green or bronze!
  15. Hmmmm, I am passing on the Scarlett too, I have other bags to get first.