Tan Bleecker Daily Bag

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  1. So I got the tan bag yesterday and wanted to post pics to get opinions. Nothing in it but you can see the color. It's a little warmer tan than I thought it would be. Thoughts?[
    ATTACH]2576937[/ATTACH] ImageUploadedByPurseForum1397326129.468493.jpg

    Be honest - I'm iffy on it!

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  2. Also, these pics make the color appear lighter than IRL.
  3. I saw this on Thursday. I have to say that I am really liking this style a lot. Out of the colors that I saw, I liked the ecru and black best. The tan is okay, just not a color I think I would use as often.
  4. I keep looking at these myself. But they seem so minimalist. Like a folded over piece of leather sticbed diem the sides
  5. I absolutely adore my cornflower! I also just got a tan Phoebe, but it looks darker than this one. Maybe because the Phoebe is Madison and the everyday is a Bleecker leather? I love the tan color of my Phoebe. In the end, its what you like!

    I'd suggest that you load her up and then see how beautifully she slouches!
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    It's OK... but I like neutral pieces a lot so that's probably why.

    Edited to add... I'd keep it at a steep discount but not full price.
  7. I'm not a fan of the Tan...it's on the yellow side and that's not my preference. I LOVE the Silt, and Ecru as well.
  8. I feel like the tan is a little peachy for my liking. It was such a good deal at 25% off, no tax and free shipping. But if I won't love it I should return it. If I didn't have the hobo in black I'd get that one.
  9. I have the tan. Love it!
  10. I'm not a fan of the tan. I opted for Silt because I know it's a nice neutral for me. I do like the sea mist, corn flower, and I want to see the pink Ruby irl.

    I haven't decided on a 2nd Daily yet, but I do Love this style...:smile:
  11. I like the tan but there are plenty of bags I was iffy on that I regretted keeping because they sat unused. IMO, return it and get something you really love.
  12. To be honest, I am not a fan of the tan. Might be just the lighting from the pics, it looks almost putty or band-aid colored...? I know previously I said I wasn't a fan of silt, but I think silt or ecru would be a more elegant neutral. JMHO - hope I'm not offending anyone!
  13. It doesn't look like much of a color in the pic but you said it's not true to life. It's still very pretty. I like it.
  14. I do like it and was considering it for myself, in a darker color though. I like how it lays close to the body, as I am slender and I want a crossbody bag that stays close. I feel like it makes me look larger when they stick out too far? IDK.
    But the reason I did not purchase it is because I was shopping with my DH that day, and he liked a different one better. Don't judge me. :P

    ETA: The SA placed a couple of wallets inside the bag, so I could get an idea of the slouch, and yes- it slouches nicely!
  15. Thanks everyone! I think I'll return it - it's just not love so why keep a bag I don't love? I absolutely love this style though - been carrying my sea mist for days and love it so much. If my sea mist wristlet would EVER get here, I'd be set!