Tan and Black Heloise

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  1. Here are the pics of my heloise bags

    Attached Files:

  2. I love:heart: them both. Really wanting a heloise now.
  3. :heart::heart::heart: Congrats! Beautiful bags. Can't wait to post my red heli but I still have to wait another week for my bday.
  4. :dothewave: Congratulations Jackie - what a beautiful pair :love: ( so to speak:lol: !).Wear them in good health and enjoy :tup:x
  5. Thanks everyone I think the heloise is going to be one of chloes classic bags

    Hope you had a good birthday tag
  6. :yes: I'm sure you're right about the Heloise becoming a classic ( and I have to tell you I LOVE the tan version too :drool:).Modelling pics asap please.

    Thanks for the birthday greetings - I've had a lovely day, despite now being the wrong side of forty-five :wtf: !
  7. I will try and post some pics over the weekend. I too am now the wrong side of 45 but I don't feel it so its not too bad
  8. :

    Good to know I'm not the only mature Heloise fan !
  9. I feel about thirty...but don't have the looks to match unfortunately :shrugs:!
  10. you looked great in your modelling photos definately not over 45
    I have a few too many lines to look young :yucky:
  11. :smooch: Thank you Jackie, that is so sweet:heart: of you to say...made my day :flowers:( but of course, there's a good reason why NEVER show my face to the camera on my modelling pics :lol:). Bet your modelling pics will be fab...bring them on :tup:.
  12. COngrats on your twins!
  13. Those bags are great!! I agree that the Heloise is becoming a classic chloe!

    Happy Bday, Tag! I had a bday this month, too and I can totally relate about not feeling my age. I'll never be older than 25!:supacool:
  14. OMG...they are both absolutley gorgoues.....and definitley classics!

  15. jackie1 ~

    They are both Stunning :love:

    I am totally obsessed about finding a Heloise after seeing Div's Red Beauty and
    Tag's Black Beauty and I can't remember who bought that Lovely Prune Coloured Heloise now these two Stunners I am really wanting a Heloise terribly bad. :shame:

    Kitty :flowers: