Tampons? yes or no.

  1. I've been using tampons since junior high. I feel cleaner when I use them. The only time I ever use pads is if I'm having a heavy flow and I want extra protection or I just gave birth and the doctor told me not to. If you don't use tampons why?
  2. Well, I do use it once in a while, but I'm really narrow and kinda tight down there and it actually is uncomfortable..VERRY..but seriously, the only thing I want inside my body for long periods of time--is my husband! LOL..:smile::p
    Oh and my periods only last 1.5-2 days..so it's not so bad!!
  3. I prefer the 'pon. Pads make me feel like I'm wearing a diaper, first of all. Second of all, I deem tampons more sanitary. They keep your external genetalia cleaner than do pads, and they're also much safer and sanitary to dispose, since you can flush them, especially if you use a cardboard flushable applicator. Third of all, once a tampon is in you don't feel it or even know it's there. Not so with the pads! Fourthly, when I see blood, no matter what, I get queasy and feel faint. I couldn't imagine changing a pad and having to see that and dispose of it. With a tampon you pretty much yank on a string and flush it. You never even have to make eye contact.
  4. I wear tampons, and I feel the same way as Caxe. Pads feel like diapers IMO. However I have a problem with always leaking in the first day or two of my period, so that's really annoying.

    It all depends on the person.
  5. Well, sorry if TMI but I was blessed with heavy flow so I get to use BOTH tampons and pads for a few days, LOL. If I had my choice I'd use tampons and switch to smaller ones on lighter flow days...much more comfortable when exercising, for example!
  6. I used to use almost exclusively tampons but stopped after giving birth. At the end of my period, my vaginal area would be irritated from the tampons and I wasn't allowed to use tampons after giving birth anyway. I was reading a post in a womans-forum once where someone asked if it was better to use tampons or pads, and somebody mentioned how it may be better to use only pads every once in a while to really "flush out" your system, and it makes sense to me somehow...I dunno if it's true or not, but... ;)

    I only have 1 day of heavy bleeding anyway, the rest of the days are fine and I don't have to worry about leakage, etc
  7. I use a thin pad to go along with a tampon the first 1-2 days since I do leak a LITTLE when my period first starts. Then after about the 2nd day it lightens up a lot and I can just go with a tampon...

    I hate pads for hygienic purposes and having to throw them out.

  8. I heard the same thing, that keeping dirty blood in your body is a big nono..oh well, lucky for me, I guess, cause no matter how small the tampon, it always feels like I have a big log in there..so I give up!:shrugs::yes:
  9. Tampons. Pads only at night on the heavy days. I've probably been having periods longer than some of you have been alive.

    Back in the 80's there was a big scare that tampons caused a disease called Toxic Shock Syndrome, however now it's rare, because tampons are not only made from different materials than before, and we all know to change them more often than they did back then. (Every four to six hours is best.) Most doctore now tell you to also switch between tampons and pads during your period to avoid TSS.

    One of the things it took me awhile to find most comfortable and effective was the brand/style of tampon. Most swell width wise, some "open" like a flower. I like the "flower" type. They feel more secure.
  10. Tampons only.
  11. have you tried switching brands? as speedy explained, they all have a different shapes and expand in different directions. I used to use tampax and always leak, now I use OB, and I've never leaked again.

    I couldn't bear to use pads during my period, tampons are just so infinitively more comfortable for me. I'll wear a pad at night for the first day or two just to let the flow out freely for a while. I think with tampons you just have to get used to it, when I got my period at 13 I had ballet for hours everyday so I had to start using tampons from my very first period on.
  12. I use both, pads for the first couple days and at night, and tampons for the last days (lighter flow). I was told by my doctor that this combo is best because the first few days when you have a heavier flow, by using a pad you are allowing your body to 'let go and let flow' and get rid of everything. Of course, I prefer a tampon for comfort reasons, so as soon as the heavier part of my period is done, I move on to tampons...except at night, I always use pads for nighttime.
  13. I use tampons currently but am considering a switch to the Diva Cup. They seriously seem amazing and really handy and easy without all the waste/worry of pad or tampons.
  14. the only time i use tampons is when i go to the gym, i always think when im doing squats someone behind me will see the outline of my pad but once im done i switch back to pads. Some posters have said they feel cleaner using 'pons but i feel the opposite- i feel cleaner when it comes out -everything flushes out completely
  15. Yeah I use tampax pearl right now. which one is OB?? Is that the one that does not come with the applicator? Hmm I should consider switching over to that brand and see how it works ofr me, thanks!!