Tampa meet?

  1. Has there ever been a Tampa meet? I'm going to Tampa in August and I'd love to meet up with the TPF gals :yes:
  2. i hope we can wake up the other Tampa LV lovers...I wanna go back SOON...like within a week either Tampa LV or Tampa Saks...considering they're down the street from each other lol
  3. Hello,
    I live in the Tampa area and would love to participate in a meet! I just purchased the LV Popincort Haut and look forward to more.
  4. aww i wish u would have been able to reply sooner!!! i just purchased my damier speedy @ Saks westshore 29th september!
  5. I'm near the Clearwater area...a meet in Tampa would be great! I'm very new to TPF. What do you all do at the meets? Count me in.
  6. Hi girls - I'm in for a meet in Tampa! We just missed the trunk show at LV on the 14th which would have been perfect.
  7. Reviving this thread!
    I live closer to Tampa, but I go to school in Orlando. Any Florida TPFers left?
  8. I live in Orlando but have no problem going to Tampa....anything planned anytime soon?

  9. Re-reviving the thread - any Orlando TPFers still out there?

  10. Hi! I'm in Ormond Beach...not too far from Orlando :biggrin:
  11. Any Tampa TPF meet-ups?
  12. Im in Tampa would love to attend a meet up :smile:
  13. In in the Tampa area too! :smile:
  14. I can make it to Tampa too!! I'm in!!
  15. I'm in Tampa, too, and would love to do a meet-up!