TammyD reporting from Paris!

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Feb 26, 2006
Hello everyone!

Greetings from Paris! The weather here is BEAUTIFUL at the moment - cool and crisp, light showers in the afternoons.

I took lotsa pictures to post today but I just realised that I could not link up my camera to my brother's laptop computer. I am so cross. We walked from Concorde (Metro station) to the Mothership and I happily snapped away - rue St Honore, rue du Cambon etc. It was just beautiful.

Today's my first day at Hermes, and I don't have much to say, except that there were no more birkins by the time we got there at 4pm. I was disappointed because some people obviously scored theirs just before I walked in. An Asian couple was buying a 35cm raisin birkin with gh in togo/fjord. I would have grabbed it if they so much as lost sight of it.

The SA I dealt with wasn't the nicest person. My brother spoke to her in French and said (nicely and jokingly) in desperation, she will die if you don't find her a Birkin! and the SA simply shrugged and said, I know. She said that there's a "one bag per person" policy, not a "one kelly one birkin" policy and I tell you, I was scared stiff. I almost cried. But I didn't care. Maybe I'll find a birkin when I go back tomorrow.

Anyway, today's purchase was - a gold retourne 32cm kelly with gh in togo. I wanted it in box calf but this one was really beautiful. I will be posting pictures I promise. There was a sellier 32cm black kelly with ph in fjord, and sellier potiron one in togo, and retourne 32cm ones in BJ and fuchsia. Somehow the gold looked the best.

There were lotsa Garden Parties, Trims, Evelynes. And gold cadenas in sail boat, hippo and stork.

So that's all for today, ladies. Will be back tomorrow with more news on my birkin hunt.


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Jun 29, 2006
TAMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Congratulations!! Im so happy for you!!! This is so exciting to actually find something u like from your first trip to FSH!!
Keep us posted and IM SURE ull be able to score a birkin tomorrow.. *fingers crossed*


Jul 10, 2006
Congrats on ur new baby!!! Don't give up, you will find that perfect birkin, and don't settle, altho it might be hard at the Mother Ship!!! Be persistent and most of all be confident!! I got my first Birkin at the Mother Ship in Nov!! You will get urs there too!!! Sending some H vibes your way!!!:love::love::love::love::tender::tender:
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