Tammy Faye Baker dies

  1. Tammy Faye Baker passed away you guys. It's on Cnn right now. :sad: :cry:
  2. There is a big thread going in TV and cinema about this. I hope she's not suffering now.
  3. Oh geez, I thought she died years ago. I'm sad all over again!
  4. I just saw this on CNN. She weighed only 65 pounds, how she must have suffered. At least the suffering from her inoperable lung cancer is over and she is finally at peace :sad:
  5. Oh no! I really like her:crybaby:
  6. Oh no!!! At least she isn't suffering anymore.
  7. Wow, It's sad but at least she's finally in peace.
  8. Wow, already? That's so sad, but at least she's out of her misery. I saw her on Larry King recently, and the lung cancer had her looking awful. I remember them saying how she told the doctors to NOT tell her how much time she had left, but she remained positive until the end, and she was confident that she was going to a better place.
  9. That woman had a lot of moxie. She kept her faith until the end. I hope she is with her Lord.
  10. wow, this is really sad!
  11. This just breaks my heart...
  12. I'm sorry.
  13. Poor dear. R.I.P. Tammy Faye.
  14. I remember her from The Surreal Life, and she was the sweetest person ever!

    She was a great example of the concept of "Love the sinner, hate the sin."

    On The Surreal Life, she didn't agree with what Ron Jeremy did, but she didn't judge him. She treated him with the same respect as everyone else.

    I think everyone should follow her example.

    May she rest in peace!
  15. I adored her on the Surreal Life. It really made me see her in a different light.

    Quite frankly, after seeing her on Larry King the other night, I would have been shocked had she lasted much longer. That poor woman could barely talk and the look of her was truly shocking.

    I hope she is with her lord now. RIP Tammy Faye.