Taming the beast, aka, my hair

  1. So I have this mass of waves/curls that I actually really like when it cooperates. The problem is finding something to keep it from inflating like a balloon in the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade. Most products aren't heavy enough to keep it tame, and the ones that do end up flaking as the day goes on. Since my hair is also very dark, this ends up looking pretty terrible. I end up having to put it in a twist or something by the end of the day.

    Anyone have any recommendations for a product that can fix this? TIA!
  2. I have thick wavy/curly hair, but I normally wear it straight. One product that I like for when I wear it curly is Dirt by Jonathan Product. I found it at Costco for pretty cheap and decided to try it. I was originally planning to use it to texturize flat ironed hair, but it works REALLY well to tame and define curls! I just scrunch it in when my hair is still a little damp and the curls just magically behave.
  3. try john frieda wind down relazing cream, or there is also a new serum that he makes designed to de-poof and weigh down hair....I also heard sunsilk is good...Or you could get a chi and flat iron it, thats what I do.:biggrin:
  4. i have very curly hair, and most people with curly hair also have very DRY, moisture-starved hair, so they best thing you can usually do for it is find a good moisturizing shampoo and conditioner (i use pureology) and a good deep-conditioning treatment (i use frederic fekkai's shea butter mask). when i switched to the really good stuff BEFORE styling, i found that it didn't much matter what i used after i washed my hair, even though i thought i liked the shampoo and conditioner that i had used before.