Taming of the shrew - ie Eyebrow Gel

  1. I'm trying to grow out my eyebrow hairs and now I need some sort of gel to settle them down as they are going in all sorts of directions.

    I've tried the mayballene one which is clear but it left santa claus marks on my brows: ie white fluff. So did the sephora brand.

    So I bought the Laura Mercier one: so far so good, it doenst leave a residue, and it doesnt leave a shiny hair glow to it but it is not that strong so it's hold is not that great.

    I'm wondering if there are some recommendations of eyebrow gels that you have used that are similar to the laura mercier one so I can try it out. Thanks!
  2. I LOVE Anastasia's eyebrow gel- I don't leave the house without it on!! If you live in the LA or San Diego area- they do the best brows as well! I don't let anyone else touch my brows... Everyone is good at the BH salon, but I usually go to Tracy or Jasmine. www.anastasia.net
  3. Bloody hell, I live in La Jolla and didn't realize there was a salon here. I'm going to check it out. I've never had anyone touch my brows for a long time after all the threading and such but I might give it a try.
  4. I like both bare escentals and benefits brow gels. Plus they have some tinted ones so it helps fill in my brows while taming.
  5. Thanks, I'm going to look at those at the store.
  6. clear mascara works and is cheap. for tinted wet n wild makes some that are ok.

    you can use hair gel applied carefully/sparingly

    i dont feel the need to go high end on this. i save money for what i like (shadows, blush)
  7. I like one made my revlon. It has a pencil on 1 end and a tinted gel on the other. Use the gel sparingly though because a tiny bit lasts FOREVER. I like the strength of it because I work really long shifts and I like knowing my brows are nice and neat. When used gently it looks very natural and as I said, it has superpower hold.
  8. I feel I need to go more than cheap because I have used clear mascaras in the past and was left with a lot of flakiness which white spots on black eyebrows. But I'll take a look at the revlon one.
  9. Tina at the La Jolla Salon does GREAT brows!
  10. Absolutely love Brow Mousse by Tweezerman!!
    My DD and I have been using it for years and it's under $10.00, really great stuff!
  11. I just put a little hairspray on my finger and put it on my eyebrows, then use a brow brush to get my brows the way I want. If I'm lazy I use a little regular mascara.
  12. Benefit Speed Brow is a good one. I got the clear, but before you use it, use a brow powder (I like Paula Dorf Brow Duo) to color in a smidge. All of the gels I've tried, because light will kind of catch the shininess of it, tend to highlight where your brows aren't as thick.

    Try the tinted ones to avoid using a brow powder. For me, the tinted gel was brutally dark, it looked off.