Tamera Mowry-Housley

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  1. http://www.justjared.com/2015/01/04/the-reals-tamera-mowry-is-pregnant-expecting-second-child-with-husband-adam-housley/

    The Real's Tamera Mowry Is Pregnant, Expecting Second Child with Husband Adam Housley!

    The Real‘s Tamera Mowry and her husband Adam Housley are expecting their second child and she just announced the news by posting the pregnancy test on her Instagram account!

    “We are thrilled to announce we are #ClearblueConfirmed! Can’t wait to meet baby #2! Love Clearblue’s pregnancy test with Smart Countdown. It helped me get through the wait to get my result by counting down with me. #spon” the 36-year-old talk show host captioned the photo.

    Tamera has one son, Aden, with her husband. Congrats to the happy couple on the wonderful news!

    pics via instagram
    10895498_322984831224412_632820243_n.jpg 10899358_404249583074287_383599990_n.jpg 10843690_377641312410117_1982776299_n.jpg 10838443_1524911564435182_81808844_n.jpg 10810045_734203833335559_526643836_n.jpg 10817891_763196413718063_405101887_n.jpg 10802740_745810915513653_1768908745_n.jpg 10785019_523353244468807_1605462322_n.jpg 10755709_1496842957259312_2125762586_n.jpg
  2. Their little boy is adorb. Was her announcement a marketing plug for ClearBlue?
  3. ^^ Yes. There's a hashtag that says #spon as in sponsored.
  4. Ahh. Thanks. Didn't realize that #spon is the new way of saying sponsored...I need to step up my social media game. :lol:
  5. Shouldn't she have waited till further in the pregnancy before announcing the news?
  6. I'm assuming that photo is a few months old. I seriously hope she didn't pee on a stick and post it to Instagram. Anyway congrats to them.
  7. Her little boy is gorgeous :love: Cuteness overload!
  8. Eeeyyywww!!!! So do I!!!
  9. I think she is pass the wait to tell stage. I noticed on her show the past couple of weeks, she has been hiding something with her outfits. Her skirts have been yanked up over her stomach and I said a few weeks ago, she must be pregnant.
  10. Aw good for her, I'm sure Aden will be happy to have a sibling.
  11. Congrats to her, but selling your pregnancy announcement as a commercial on Twitter? Really?

    I have to wonder if she went to them or vice versa. It's tacky either way.
  12. Their family is so cute. They are a beautiful couple.
  13. Interesting
    If she was so far along and wait so long to just now take a preg test pic must be old? John Legends wife Chrissy threw some shade her way, but congrats

    Get Money
    -Junior Maffia
  14. ????

    Do share with the class!
  15. Or, she could have just recently peed on the stick, just so she could make a media announcement with the pregnancy test. She is on a tv show now, and surely this will help with the ratings. All talk show host that become pregnant, make big announcements.