Tambourin - your experiences?

  1. Hiya,

    I know there was a thread on this a while back but hope no-one minds me posting about this - I really fancy getting a Tambourin for my upcoming 36th (:Push: :angel: ) birthday, and have the cash lying round NOW to grab one - tomorrow (Sat) or maybe Tuesday.

    Obviously I've only noticed the good bits about the bag, has anyone got anything neg to share? :confused1:

    I want a good-looking small bag that I can throw about a bit (obviously I won't be climbing in the ring with Mike Tyson or driving Monster Trucks ;) ) and this looks right to me - a bit like my mum's seventies jobs I used to admire....

    Also, if anyone has any pics of themselves wearing one please PM/e-mail me them - I know it's a (relatively ;) ) small purchase but I'm looking for a Robin to my Batman for the next few months (ie faithful sidekick LOL) and any input is good! :yes:


    Cx :smile:
  2. Cute bag but not my style..give you a bump incase someone has the pics..
  3. Thanks bagsnbags !:yahoo:

    I'm probably overthinking it and should just get down to Selfridges, it's not exactly a major purchase in PF/my nice handbag terms LOL ;) but whatever. :supacool:

    Pics/more info - still welcome!!!!

    Cx :smile:
  4. ha ha! i am wearing this now, as i write! i love this bag. it holds a nice amount of stuff, and being hands free is nice. it also nice and casual. i had stopped using it b/c of my baby, but she's older now and i don't need all the baby stuff- at least not all the time. i HIGHLY rec. this bag- it really serves a nice purpose!
  5. Aw thanks! :yahoo:

    It's not a bag that gets a lot of write-ups as it's fairly low-key, but that's what I liked about it - being able to turn up to client's home wearing it and not scream "flashy!" in their faces LOL. I love the shape too, I'm so nearly sold on this little baby! :love:

    Cx :smile: :heart:
  6. I think it's really cute and was thinking about getting one too. :flowers:
  7. Cool! ;)

    If I do - it's more a "when" than an "if" LOL - I'll post piccies in the relevant place, for reference. ;)

    Cx :smile:
  8. i actually took pics, so ppl could see it, but i have had a tough time loading them... i'll keep trying. it really is a functional little bag. i keep a wallet, sunglasses, cell, cookies for my baby, and chapstick in it. it shuts nicely, and, even for monogram, is subtle!
  9. :smile: Thanks so much for replying - if you can't upload, I can PM you my e-mail addy, as I'd so love to see this bag in use before I get one! :smile:

  10. I guess you changed your mind about selling it on eBay? I was the person who created the previous Tambourin thread, and I recall you saying you were selling yours.

    I still haven't gotten mine yet, but I am still interested.
  11. yes- i hadn't used it in a long while, and my new philosophy is if it's not used, out it goes- but, it didn't sell, so i figured i'd give it another whirl. (esp. now that my baby's a bit older- i don't need as much 'stuff' at all times) it's come in handy!
  12. I don't like that bag and I'm trying to sell it on eBay but so far, no interest! The reason why I don't like Tambourin is that it looked really strange on me like a tiny round bag just hanging off of my short stout body. Lol!
  13. i saw another messenger- bosphore pm- on another tpfer- and i like that one, too. very nice looking!
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