Tambourin - Thoughts and Price?

  1. I'm thinking this is just the cutest little bag. Its not on elux right now. Does anyone know the price and what do you think of it?:flowers:
  2. it's 550, i believe. i'm a fan!
  3. I was looking at this too! Anyway it is on elux. Just do a search "tambourin" and it will come out. sometime Elux just do not list them in their main catalogue.
    If you do get it please tell us how you like it. thanks
  4. I swear I searched for it earlier and it wasn't there! I'm going to take a peek at it Monday or Tuesday and then see what I think!
  5. I like it.
  6. When I look at it on eLux, it's on like page 7 or 8 of the monogram bags. It's $555.
  7. I like the Tambourin, but for the price, I would prefer to use that money towards a bigger bag. That said, if you plan on frequently using the Tambourin, then it is a bargain.
  8. I hated that bag! Lol. I posted in another thread that the bag looked so weird and funny on me.