Tambourin - pics, please

  1. Well, I've searched the LV forum high and low for pics of the tambourin but none turned up. If anyone has pics of themselves wearing it, and shwoing how much it holds, I'd really appreciate it. TIA!
  2. i love the bag, it looks really cute but i have never seen anyone carrying it.
  3. these?
    0805tamb2.JPG 0805tamb.JPG 0805tamb3.JPG
  4. Yes, it is the pics above. I just sold mine recently because I found the buckle to open and close to be a bit of a pain. It's a small bag but I managed to fit quite a bit in still.
  5. It is a cute bag.
  6. Thanks, Noe! That's exactly what I wanted to see. Now I know that have to get one. Can you tell me how much you get into it? I really like how it's got some width - so many crossbodies (like Coach swingpacks) are so thin that I find them basically useless.

    birthday's coming, birthday's coming
  7. really cute bag
  8. Oh, I don't have it!
    ...I just stole the pix from some Japanese stores
    Did you check eBay?
  9. I was thinking about buying one a while ago and tried it at the boutique it looks feels very roomy get it!!! i don´t think the modell is very popular
  10. I think it's cute. I considered getting one :tup:
  11. Ha Ha Ha! That's some nice stealin', lol.

    Yeah, I'm checking the eBay and the secondhand stores online. My problem is that I want it to be basically new, and if it's that new, the price is so high I might as well get it new. But I'm keeping an eye peeled in case there's a bargain out there.
  12. adorable!
  13. I really wanted this bag last year and when I went to LV to try it the SA said they did not have it in, don't know when they would get it back in and it was not very popular at all. It kind of ticked me off - so what if it's not as popular, I liked it. I got the pouchette florentine with the belt to use for Disney, Universal studios, shopping, etc. and I really like it. The funny thing is that I was in line at Universal a few days later, I saw a girl wearing the tambourin and it was adorable. If you can find it, I would give it a try.
  14. That's very cute, but I wonder if the buckle would get tiresome to deal with?
  15. I wonder that too. Isn't there a post in this thread where someone didn't like the buckle and sold theirs?