Tambourin Bag- Exchange?

  1. I received a Tambourin bag from my aunt who went to Paris last month. I don't like the style of the bag, plus the shape doesn't look good on me. Anyone know if I can exchange it at a local LV store without receipt for something else?
  2. i dont now, But it is worth a try.
  3. If it is truly brand new and you have a good relationship with your SA, you should be able to exchange it.
  4. tell us how thing's turn out.
  5. I am not sure... Can you get a copy of the receipt from your aunt?
  6. it really depends on your track record. they can just ask for your aunt's name and date of purchase. and ring Paris to check their records. it's worth a try. good luck!
  7. awww, i just bought a tambourin off eBay and i could have taken that off your hands if you had posted this sooner! it's okay, though, hopefully you'll be able to exchange it. :smile:
  8. Well, I drove down to NJ's Garden State Plaza Mall to the new LV store this morning. I asked if I can exchange the Tambourin bag and the sales associate tried to look up the infos but couldn't find anything. So I couldn't exchange it. :sad: I'll try again at the Manhasset store tomorrow since the people there are pretty nice and they know me even though I haven't purchased anything in at least 1-2 years.
  9. Oooh good luck ! I hope it works out for you !
  10. Tell us how it goes.
  11. Good luck Im sure you can find some one who is willing to let go of a bag in exchange for another
  12. Good luck!
  13. Well, after visiting 3 stores...it's a no go. :sad: All 3 stores have said that I need to have a receipt within 30 days of the purchase and a name of that person who purchased the bag, whether the bag is brand new or defective. I even contemplated going across the bridge and visit the Westchester Mall's LV store in upstate NY but decided it's not worth the gas and the tolls. :Push: I guess it's off to either consignment shop or Ebay. Oh well...at least I did purchased the lovely red scarf that a member here, LoriW, attached to her red Epi Speedy bag. The scarf is $105 but after the price increase, it will be $110. Thanks everyone for your well wishes. It was worth a try...or 3. Lol!