Tambour Tourbillon Monogram. GIMMIE!

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  1. anyone wanna loan me 205,000.00? please? i need this! or at least just the box it comes in. LouisVuitton.com - USA - Men - Watches - Limited Edition - Tambour Tourbillon Monogram... MMMMMM! TDF! :love:


  2. hmmmmmmm.....pretty hot! :biggrin:
  3. Ohh. Is the strap stingray?
  4. yep, it's stingray. and you should see the box it comes in. it's a superboite just to hold the watch. mmm. luxury. when asked how many people actually own one. they said more than 10, less than 50. madness. now that's an exclusive LV club. *grins*

  5. PPHHWWOOOAAARRR.. Thats an expensive watch. But its pretty..

    You and your Boites Kodi... For that price, you could get your cotteville suitcase (and the whole matching set) that you've been after!!
  6. Crazy! and for a watch! This one SA where I shop, she actually sold a watch that cost that much.
  7. i was so excited because i thought i was going to get a cotteville.. and then they ended up wanted 2600.00 for it. that's retail. pfft. i'll keep looking. i may actually get a cotteville one day. but i don't think i'll ever have that watch. *pout*

  8. It's a VERY hot watch!!!! Instead of having the LV initials, you could have your initials inserted! I would much rather have the LV's on it... :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:
  9. MMMM. different!
  10. Here are the cases that the Tourbillons are presented in. They're SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOT!!!!

  11. For that price, the case is just a gift! LOL

    BTW, so hot, i love it too!
  12. now i know why you love the box it came it!!!

  13. will 866 sell me the box when i tell them i missed place it? lol
  14. Wow, I love the cases more than the watch tho...lol
  15. ^^ ITA! I want the cases LOL