Talula's Collection

  1. So after seeing all of your wonderful collections, I've decided to share mine with you...although it's only a small collection no where near the magnitude of yours. Don't laugh guys!!!! :noworry: :shame:

    Thought it would be nice to take pics of the whole group before I let a few pieces go to a new home.

  2. Thanks for posting, Talula. Love your LV's!
  3. The Ellipse is gorgeous! Nice collection :smile:
  4. Lovely collection, I really like your ellipse!
  5. Cute puppy! Lovely bags and wallets! Thanks for the pictures!
  6. That's a great selection of styles! Enjoy! :smile:
  7. Pretty collection!
  8. Great collection of LV's.
    Thanks for sharing
  9. Very cute collection, isn't the lavendar epi to die for ?!
  10. Lovely! Very clean and elegant style you have chosen!
    Thanks for sharing pics with us!
  11. Not laughing here! I really like your Epi and Ellipse. Thanks for sharing your pics!
  12. Thanks everyone for all your nice comments!!! :biggrin: :lol:

    The ellipse was my very first piece that got me hooked. I really hope to expand the family right after I get me a real paying job. No more slave labor internships for me please!

    I'm thinking about selling the twin pochette and the billfold wallet though. I've been working on my attachment issues with the twin pochette for months. It's too small when I use my french purse but I just feel that maybe sometime in the future I'll love it. :wondering

    Thanks for your comment and I would love to one day add a spy as pretty as yours to my collection.

    The puppy is not really a puppy, she's 5 years old and is a big ol' darling fatty. She's my ex bf's dog, sometimes wish we were still together so I can play with her.

    I'm such a sucker for purple so I had to get a lilac piece. Still looking for a matching wallet on ebay.
  13. The ellipse is staring straight back at me. Oooh!
  14. You have a beautiful collection ... all classic pieces!
  15. Nice collection, I love your Ellipse bag and French Purse wallet! Thanks for sharing.