Tall Tales, and First Bag.

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  1. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v490/_koi_/tokidoki1.jpg

    I've never been much for brands -as I have barely any knowledge of brands as is- (as a matter of fact I dislike them quite a lot too), and this was no exception when I first laid eyes on the tokidoki products. The colors seemed too vibrant, and it always looked like so much chaos happening that- well... I just stared. It kept me wondering how people can spend so much on one item when that money could be saved up for school, buying a car, or a house.

    I guess you can say curiosity drew me into it all. It actually wasn't until I was looking through some of the old print releases a month and a half ago that I saw the Inferno print.

    I almost drooled.

    It was so cute! ;_; Kind of like love at first sight (since I decided on the Cucciolo). I searched everywhere for it, while being introduced and seeing tokidoki in a new light. I ended up trying to convince myself that I didn't need it, nor did I want it, but because the collection was no longer available, it made me want it more. I finally found the print on a Japanese site, and got my friend to order it for me. I'm sure most of you know that in Japan, something like tokidoki is extremely expensive. I'm paying nearly double the price it was originally sold for (bag+shipping and handling= $310 CAD).

    But I love it (just got it 2 days ago). The print placement doesn't exactly show the little guy with the watermelon... so that's the only thing a tad disappointing, but overall I love the bag almost too much to not use it. *laughs*

    But yeah, have any of you gone through something similar concerning tokidoki (since I see that quite a few of you are on a ban). What's your epic tale like, care to share? : D
  2. What a cute story!

    I did not get into Tokidoki until L'Amore & that was my starting point. I drooled over the Citta Rosa Caramella before, but it all seemed like too much money for something that's not "luxurious" or "high-end." After I saw the Gioco in L'Amore though, I was hooked and have just been building my collection ever since :biggrin:
  3. Haha, thank you! XD

    Yes, the Citta Rosa in Caramella suits the print very well, and just about anything in the L'amore print is adorable, thinking about it makes me envy your collection. :tup:
  4. Very pretty Inferno!:tup: Inferno is one of those prints that really grew on me over time. At first I didn't care for it and then I started noticing little characters here and there and now it's one of my favs. Congrats!:yahoo:
  5. that's such a cute story! congrats on ur bag, it looks excellent! :tup:

    i first found tokis about 2 mos ago at macys when i first found the l'amore ciao ciao and i've loved tokis ever since!
  6. Let's see.. I needed a bag because my old bag [from the army surplus store.heh] broke and I'm really picky about bags. I'd also never spent much on one before, and in my search thought of LeSportsac, since my mom used to get their bags sometimes. Tokidoki OP was on there. It came with a toy. That sold me on it. My only regret is getting a tokidoki Black instead of the ones with the print on the outside, but I was afraid it would be too bright for me. Then I purchased all the Cactus Friends. I bought two more bags when Citta and Inferno were both on their site, because i wanted those prints [and almost bought something in CR and Foresta]. I wasn't obsessed with toki 'til I found out there were shirts. The end.
  7. Hmm. Well, I've been in love with Tokidoki since my friend mentioned them to me (around the time of Paradiso and Inferno), but being a lowly high school student with no job, and parents that don't love me (LOL J/K), I couldn't possibly get one.

    Until my amazing boyfriend got me an Amore BV. 8D Which I am in love with~! (As well as him...>.>) I'll also hopefully start working soon, so mwahaha, the addiction is not over. XD
  8. awwe, how cute!
    i didn't like tokidoki too much at first either, it definitely wasn't love at first sight!
    but i dont know..i just suddenly randomly started obsessing over it a few months after i discovered toki. nothing caught my eye to make me change my mind, i just change tastes often! (which is bad because i'd probably be over toki soon)
  9. well, my nephew introduced me to tokidoki when he was collecting the toys a couple of years ago. he even showed me the OP when they first came out, but i couldn't bring myself to pay that much for a purse, especially a lesportsac. sorry, i didn't know any better as i'm usually all about plain black purses. (i was using the same black manhattan portage messenger for almost 2 years.) but now i'm totally hooked on tokidoki. this forum had a little to do with that! and with the OP 2nd gen available at the outlets, i get a chance to catch up. my OP2 stellina and bambinone are on their way!!! :yahoo:
  10. Being from Japan, I know exactly what you're talking about, syntic. That's why all the tourists come to Hawaii to buy all their designer things like LV, Coach, etc. The only crap part about that is they hike up the prices compared to the continental US because they know even with the price hike it's still WAY cheaper for Japanese tourists.

    From the moment I saw my co-worker with a OP MM, I thought it was really cute.

    I don't consider myself a label whore, but I am definitely a Coach girl. My main influence is my mom, who has had a couple of leather Coach bags that are still in excellent condition after like 10 years of use. My mom always instilled in me to go for quality, which was instilled in her by obaachan (grandma). If something is expensive but crappy, keep away (like I think LV is kind of crappy because I have many friends who complained the inside lining fall apart after about a year). If something is expensive but truly good quality, it's a better investment in the long run. So I have a big collection of signature Coach bags and I know they'll last me pretty much through my life. I also love the classic and modern, clean cut lines of certain Coach bags and I know they'll be "in" no matter what year it is because it's just "classic."

    Now as for tokidoki, like I said before, I thought it was really cute. Finding out it was LeSportsac was even better. Japanese people have considered LeSportsac to be of high quality from way back when. So with that reputation, I figured even though these bags are expensive (yet not as expensive as Coach or other brands) they'll last me. I read on here that some girls have had problems with rivets coming off, zippers falling off, etc... and that's very unlike LeSportsac. So I don't know what happened there. Thankfully, all of mine are still intact and sturdy.

    Anyway, I guess that's kind of my "story"... When it comes to anything I own, I always check for quality. Even when I buy a $10 shirt from Jeans Warehouse (I don't like to wear expensive clothes at work as a preschool teacher!), I check the seams and fabric to make sure they're good. It's just what I've observed and been told from my mom.
  11. I find it odd that I dont remember my first encounter with Tokidoki...but I think it was when I was at a Nordstroms and i was eying 3 foresta dolces. In the end, i never bought one (still kicking myself.) but that wasnt the end of my exposure to Tokidoki. I was at my local Nordstroms when i saw the most PERFECT paradiso dolce. seriously, love at first sight. in the end, my boyfriend had her sister (who works at Nordstrom) get it for a discount and so began the addiction :]
  12. My BF surprised me with a Foresta Giocco for Christmas. I went home to LA for the holidays last year and I was kinda dissapointed that he couldnt spend the Holidays with me bcs of his wrk. So when the family started exchanging gifts I had this one box with no name on it and my sister says it was from "Santa" yeah, right!!! So I opened it and lo and behold my first 'doki! I cried like a little girl and I think my sister took a pic of me crying and he sent it to him. He had it mailed to my address is LA way before Christmas and he and my sister have been communicating behind my back about which style to get. But the Foresta was perfect! The colors, scenery, characters fit my style and personality. The first time I heard of 'doki was when I was at the mall and my friend told me she bought a canguro for $108! I was like wah!!!!! And then what happened.... I am know dipping into my savings.
  13. Angelic*Ruin-- Thank you so much! XD Yeah, a lot of prints are still not to my taste, but they certainly grow on you. 8 D

    Ecny-- Thank you! : D Ah L'amore, what a wonderful tokidoki print to start your collection on. *nods* (haha, I wish we had a Macy's here : 0)

    Tachikomatic-- Haha, I love your story, makes me chuckle, and I'm actually quite suprised that some collected the toys before the bags, but the variety of products definitely proves to you to be a really good collector. : 3

    Jenryalee-- Aww! That's so nice of your bf! Haha, good luck on your tokidoki addiction!

    Dbananas-- I know what you mean about the randomly obsessing part. XD I do the same thing with my hobbies, and interests, so this could possibly be my first and last tokidoki bag! o_o;

    snowgirl-- Haha me too! I usually like the plain black bags, and I'm currently carrying a black messenger bag everywhere I do (since it's so much more convenient). *laughs* Those are magical outlets. 8 D *shot*

    maya_exquisite-- Wow, your story is certainly epic. o_o It goes through generations! Ah yes, Coach, I really do like the look and make of the design and I would choose it over LV. Oh, and I'm learning so much from your post! I didn't know that they would last for that long, that's great! Gives me some relief about using my bag. I'll keep all your tips in mind. : 3

    momo.chan-- Lucky, I wish I could get such a good discount. You people are amazing with your local tokidoki stores. XD
  14. The first time I saw tokidoki I thought they were cute, but kind of "little kid" looking. In fact I didn't understand why they were in the handbag department instead of the kids department.. until I looked at the price. Yeah right, who'd pay that much money for a "cartoon bag"???

    Then a month of two later I was shopping for "the perfect bag" to take on vacation with me. I don't do black, brown or boring. But I was tired of Fossil and Dooney. I came across the tokis again, this time heavily on sale. The Foresta was still "too much, too little kid" for me, but I did buy an Arancia Bambinone and a Citta Rosa Nuvola.

    Took them on vacation.

    Fell in love with how *functional* they were.

    Came back and basically bought one of everything the local Macy's still had in stock. (Luna (Original Black), Ciao Ciao, (Forest) Bella (Notte)). The SA told me they carried more in Denver so I drove up there. Found a BV (Pirata) and a Canguro (Inferno)

    And then I found tPF.

    And so it began.....
  15. What a great inferno cucciolo! The print placement is perfect and I love the changing pad =)

    I also thought that the prints were too "loud" at first, but it really grows on you ;)