Tall shaft boots: Please help me choose..

  1. I'm looking for a new pair of boots to wear over my skinnies, and I am wanting them to be knee high (up to or above my knees). I bought both of these already, but I only get to keep one. Both are equally comfortable.

    Frye (from Piperlime)

    Jessica Simpson (Nordstrom)
  2. Oooh, I like them both! But, if I had to choose, I'd probably go with the JS boots, because I like the heel style better. Also, the Frye boots look like they're made out of suede, which in my neck of the woods is hard to keep clean in the winter. We have snow, slush, and salt.
  3. JS, the second pair, love them...
  4. ITA...JS has a better heal, and personally I don't really like suede...I can't explain why, I just don't really like the look of it.
  5. Melissia & PurseEnthusiast, thanks for the feedback. While the Frye boots look like suede, they are actually smooth leather that have a tumbled leather look. I have attached pictures of the Frye's from two other sources that may show the bots differently. Now what do you think?

    From Fryeboots.com

    From FreePeople.com

  6. I say take the Frye... I like the platform.
  7. without a doubt the frye. their boots are much better quality than jessica simpson's line. also the platform shape is much more interesting, and the little tie thing on the back of the jessica simpson boot is not so nice in my opinion.
  8. I think the JS boots are much more versatile and won't look dated as quick as the Frye.